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Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase

Hear directly from Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase residents and their families. Read recent reviews and testimonials about what it’s really like living in a Five Star Senior Living community. If you like what you hear, consider scheduling a quick tour to see Premier Residences of Chevy Chase for yourself.
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5 days ago

My father lived at Five Star for three years. He decided he wanted a set up different than the nice enough apartment he had in Friendship Heights where he had lived for ten years, after the death of his wife and the sale of his Bethesda house. It was lonely and he sought to get out of cooking! Once he moved into Five Star, he loved the fact he could be solo in his apartment doing his favorite activities there, like computer work and watching Netflix, but had volunteering in the library, poetry and short story writing groups, and joined chorus with it's seasonal presentations. He even grew to lead a meditation class! He felt surrounded by smart, mentally alert people with which to form friendships. He loved that residents dressed for dinner, and really loved the food, and the kind, goodhearted wait staff and management. He swam, used the gym, worked with the physical therapist when needed. He took advantage of the car for hire after he gave up his own car last fall. All in all, Paul Drummer was living in the nicest way possible in his nineties, and could have arranged to have an aide as well. He was a upbeat kind of guy and often commented on how lucky he felt to be there. His three kids, living far away in NY, TX and CA were all confident he was happy in a great set up and are grateful for Five Star for being there for our Dad! Thank you Five Star!


1 week ago

My mother moved into Five Star Premiere Residences Chevy Chase about five and a half years ago. Cindy Miller was so helpful in assisting my mother in getting the right apartment when mom was having problems making up her mind. Somehow Cindy always knew everyone's name from the day they moved in! The building design is well thought out, taking into consideration the residents' needs, and just as important, the decor is bright, light and cheery. So many senior living places are dark. Everyone there was always very friendly and helpful whenever I had a question or mom needed help. In particular, Leroy, one of the concierges at the front desk, was always so friendly and helpful, whatever you needed. He was always watching out for the residents. My mother was almost 90 when she moved in and not particularly happy about having to move out of her condo, but over time she came to enjoy Five Star and knew she could always depend on the people there. The only reason my mother left Five Star Premiere Residences Chevy Chase is that my husband and I moved out of state and my mother moved along with us---and she's now in another Five Star Premiere Residence in our new state.


3 weeks ago

I have been in the Foodservice business for 40+ years and have met many Executive Chefs with a wide variety of personalities and skill levels. In my experience Brandon Williams is part of a select few that has the culinary knowledge to create recipes to satisfy the specific needs of the Residents at Chevy Chase. Recently I showed him a collection of recipes using our watermelon Coulis only to find out we were discontinuing the product. Brandon’s response was “that’s OK I can use fresh watermelon and make a reduction sauce”. This is a good example of his creativity and also demonstrates his positive attitude that I have noticed he has with his staff, residents and his vendors.


4 weeks ago

I've been coming to the Five Star Residences for the past several years to give talks to the residents and to folks in the Assisted Living area. The residents are a very active group of people of diverse interests. The subjects I give talks about classical music and popular music of the "Great American Songbook," the residents ask all kinds of fascinating questions that spark so many interesting discussions that go off in all directions. They certainly keep me on my toes! A wonderful community of lively, interesting people -- and a terrific, caring staff.


1 month ago

As a resident of Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase for over five years, a current member of the Residents Council, and former chairman of the Council for two years, I would like to comment on the remarkable changes John Higgins has wrought since his return in April as Interim Executive Director. The entire Five Star staff has responded to his return by carrying out their duties with renewed focus and energy. He has quickly made his presence known by his daily inspection of Five Star activities throughout the building, talking with staff and residents alike, asking them how they are doing, and noting any concerns in his little black book. As one long-term employee confided: "Seeing him every day, we were aware of what he expected, so when we spotted anything out of line we tried to correct it as soon as possible. For the past year his successor rarely appeared, and when we realized that no one was checking we became less alert about keeping things up to speed. Now that he's back, everyone is glad to see him making the rounds again."


3 months ago

Cindy Miller was terrific when we moved my dad from out of state. She was always responsive to our questions, even on her days off. Cindy makes it a point of knowing all of the residents' names and works hard to make newcomers feel as comfortable and as at home as possible. If you are thinking of moving a family member to Five Star, ask for Cindy and you won't be disappointed!

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