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At Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase in Chevy Chase,MD, we love to showcase reviews and feedback, because you have the chance to hear from residents in their own words. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there’s so much we share, and so much that connects us. Here are just a few thoughts from our community:




1 week ago

It has been such a pleasure to have met the wonderful residents and staff at Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase. Over the last few years I have helped Jasmine (Jazz) Bromfield in the Lifestyle department by coming in to perform as an entertainer. I used to work full-time in senior living so I know very well how much Jazz and the nursing staff like Hyacinth with their great smile, optimism, and energy make a huge difference to the lives of those folks whom they encounter on a daily basis. 2020 has been a rough year but the dedication at Five Star it seems has not waivered.



1 week ago

I want to post a shout out to the Five Star employees that are seemingly behind the scenes, but actually do so, so much for every single resident, and they are Joe and all the members of the Maintenance team. Even before my Mom moved in, Joe helped me make modifications in the apartment to make things easier for her and a little closer to the way she'd had everything set up in her apartment halfway across the country. This was a huge move for her and he wanted to get everything just right before he'd even met her!

Since that day, upon her move-in and beyond to a year and a half later, the incredible Joe or one of the team has helped her with maintenance requests big and small. If they can't fix it at the moment, they are quick to follow up. They are always friendly and kind and work diligently to "get it right." They are thorough and professional, but more than that you can tell they really, really care. Whenever Mom or I happen to run into one of them in the building, they are always sincerely happy to see us and warm in their greeting.

Maintenance wasn't actually something we even thought about in the different residences we toured, but when you think about it, it's one of the most important aspects of anywhere a person lives. The Five Star Maintenance guys are the best!



3 weeks ago

To Abi and the Five Star Staff:

It is customary as we approach the end of a year to reflect on the past years' positive experiences. Looking back on 2020, I have many. One I’ll share.

I moved to Five Star three years ago, from another Senior Community after spending ten years there, after my wife's death (my buddy of 67 years). Cindy Miller, my Marketing Representative, and the Marketing Staff made the transition a pleasant experience under the circumstances. Over the years, I felt the service and staff were on par, if not exceptional, in some areas from my previous community. That was until late January of 2020 when our new Executive Director Abdel Chahi arrived. Our services, menu, staff expeditiously improved. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Abi (he prefers to be called) quickly took a very pro-active approach that kept us safe and virus free throughout the critical period of the pandemic. The Five Star Chef and his staff served over 50,000 meals a month (3 meals a day with several menu choices) delivered to each resident. Respective of the social distancing, our dining room was closed. Several times a day, disinfecting the common area, cleaning and hand wiping elevators, hand sanitizer strategically placed, and the encouragement of Mask Wearing are just some initiatives Abi and the Five Star Staff have in place to "Keep Us Safe."

I am excited to experience Abi's planned upgrades and improvements as we move into some form of normally.

Living at Five Star has been a "Premiere" place for me to live and make an adjustment to my new way of life. Looking back, under the circumstances, Five Star has helped make it a Great Year.

Thanks, Five Star

James E. Ward



3 weeks ago

Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase in a beautiful setting in Maryland, close to Museums, theaters and fine restaurants.

Living in this Community one makes good friends to enjoy our retirement years. Abi the Executive Director and his wonderful staff adds another dimension to our daily living with activities that balances and enhances our quality of life everyday.



3 weeks ago

Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase is the most happy place for me. Just to mention a few Abi the Executive Director, Jonathan Ong who has provided a safe secure community along with the special services render by dining, activities and entertainment.

A special thank you to Jazzy our Lifestyle Coordinator her answers to all my phone issues and being so patient, even if we take a whole day at her office.

My family loves the fact that she is royally taken care of by the Team of Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase. Really feeling at home now with great friends and just walking the grounds.
Yours Ann Arthur :)



3 weeks ago

During my 15 years at Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase formally Classic Residence by Hyatt, I have especially enjoyed the wonderful programs arranged by Jasmine Bromfield otherwise we call her (Jazzy)in the Lifestyle department. When there is not a entertainer she has occasionally sang herself in these concerts that gives great effects to the programs provided.

Jasmine wears a smile that lights up the whole Community and with such staff as her and others makes Five Star the place if you are ever looking for a place to retire.



3 weeks ago

The best thing about Five Star is the staff and how kind and caring they are to every single resident. Many stand out, and one of those is Jasmine, who is just a bundle of joy and sunshine, happiness, and more. She is constantly bringing some fun and socially distant connectivity to a group of vibrant residents who are unable to enjoy many of their usual activities. We are so very grateful for all she does and the massive smile that never leaves her face.

A huge thanks to Jasmine, Susan Bick, Aziz and the rest of the Lifestyle team, for all they're doing!


10 months ago

My mother moved into Five Star Premiere Residences Chevy Chase about five and a half years ago. Cindy Miller was so helpful in assisting my mother in getting the right apartment when mom was having problems making up her mind. Somehow Cindy always knew everyone's name from the day they moved in! The building design is well thought out, taking into consideration the residents' needs, and just as important, the decor is bright, light and cheery. So many senior living places are dark. Everyone there was always very friendly and helpful whenever I had a question or mom needed help. In particular, Leroy, one of the concierges at the front desk, was always so friendly and helpful, whatever you needed. He was always watching out for the residents. My mother was almost 90 when she moved in and not particularly happy about having to move out of her condo, but over time she came to enjoy Five Star and knew she could always depend on the people there. The only reason my mother left Five Star Premiere Residences Chevy Chase is that my husband and I moved out of state and my mother moved along with us---and she's now in another Five Star Premiere Residence in our new state.



10 months ago

My father lived at Five Star for three years. He decided he wanted a set up different than the nice enough apartment he had in Friendship Heights where he had lived for ten years, after the death of his wife and the sale of his Bethesda house. It was lonely and he sought to get out of cooking! Once he moved into Five Star, he loved the fact he could be solo in his apartment doing his favorite activities there, like computer work and watching Netflix, but had volunteering in the library, poetry and short story writing groups, and joined chorus with it's seasonal presentations. He even grew to lead a meditation class! He felt surrounded by smart, mentally alert people with which to form friendships. He loved that residents dressed for dinner, and really loved the food, and the kind, goodhearted wait staff and management. He swam, used the gym, worked with the physical therapist when needed. He took advantage of the car for hire after he gave up his own car last fall. All in all, Paul Drummer was living in the nicest way possible in his nineties, and could have arranged to have an aide as well. He was a upbeat kind of guy and often commented on how lucky he felt to be there. His three kids, living far away in NY, TX and CA were all confident he was happy in a great set up and are grateful for Five Star for being there for our Dad! Thank you Five Star!



10 months ago

Jill Berkman has been incredibly helpful, supportive, and patient throughout the “shopping” and transition process. It began with our first visit. I live in Chicago and she always magically arranged her schedule to be available when I was in town, even when our timing was tight due to other appointments. All of our site visits included rest and nutrition breaks for my mom and plenty of time for questions and chats with current residents. It was amazing to see how many of them Jill knew by name even though her tenure at Five Star had been relatively short at that time. Jill was kind enough to take and send pictures of multiple units to help us make the right choice for my mom. Her assistance did not end when we signed the lease. She was instrumental in helping me organize the move, which I had to manage from afar, and a myriad of other logistics. It was a pleasure working with Jill. You are fortunate to have her on your team!

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