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Our country recently celebrated Independence Day. At Five Star, we like to think of every day as Independence Day for our residents. No matter our age- young, not so young or in between–we all treasure and vigorously guard our independence. The “Aging in Place in America” study found that older adults are more fearful of losing independence (26%) than of dying (3%).

As a senior or an adult child, there are actions that can be taken to preserve independence. Benjamin Franklin, signer of the Declaration of Independence, advised: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” As an older adult or someone who loves an older adult, it would be wise to review ways to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to maximizing independence.

  • Falls are the number one reason for injuries (both fatal and non-fatal) for seniors. Perhaps it is a balance issue that would benefit from some therapy, or maybe an environment that presents safety challenges. Just the fear of falling can diminish physical activity, which leads to a loss of balance and muscle strength. Fall prevention is a major step to maintain independence. You will find these Mayo Clinic tips for preventing falls helpful.
  • The National Institute of Health encourages physical, mental, and emotional health as means to maintain a strong body and mind. We support that mantra at Five Star with our Lifestyle 360 life engagement program which brings the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions into perfect harmony.
  • Studies have found that seniors fear giving up driving. Driving represents freedom, but it can also represent risks. Changes in reflex time, hearing, and vision can mean that driving is no longer advisable. Small incidents like running over the curb or bumping into the mailbox are really big warning signs. Giving up the keys is a difficult decision, but often necessary for safety reasons. Check out four simple aids for safer driving. Of course, you can leave the driving to Five Star when you enjoy our transportation services!
  • Nutrition and hydration are essential to good health. Inadequate fluid intake can be detrimental to health and lead to balance issues, medication complications, and other health difficulties. It’s not much fun to eat alone or it’s hard to get to the store, so nutrition suffers. Did you know that research suggests that the foods you eat can help prevent dementia?
  • Medication mistakes are another primary reason for hospitalizations. This can involve taking the wrong medicine, overdosing, or forgetting to take a medication. Another frequently seen, yet often overlooked problem is poly-pharmacy. Seniors visit both primary care physicians and specialists, which can mean multiple medications taken without a good medication management program. It’s important to be attentive and organized with regards to medication. This article in Everyday Health gives some practical tips regarding medications.

The good news is that it’s a great time to be a senior! Opportunities abound for successful aging and maximizing independence. Support and resources are available and we appreciate the opportunity to be a trustworthy source of education. The Resources for Families section on the Five Star Senior Living website is brimming with articles and advice. The best insights on aging successfully are the ones shared by our residents. Take a look at this short video clip to learn their words of wisdom. It’s sure to make you smile and make you think!

In the words of Jonathan Swift, “May you live all the days of your life.” We think that this can be the best time of your life! I invite you to call or email me to join us for a meal or for a Lifestyle 360 event.

Celebrate Your Best Life!


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