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The Lafayette

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1 year ago

When I came for a tour, a gentleman resident said “At first I didn’t believe them, but it’s true.” He meant the good things he heard about The Lafayette. The staff could not be nicer and the residents too. You feel you are in a big family and this is home – maybe better than home – you are not isolated. The food is good, they take you to your doctor, drugstore, the mall, shopping trips, etc. They have a library with daily papers, magazines, physical therapy on site, hair salon, and entertainment and educational programs. But if you want “alone time” you go to your apartment and that’s fine too. The staff is constantly trying to make everything better.


1 year ago

The Lafayette is a wonderful place to live. The apartments are very roomy and comfortable and my apartment on the fifth floor has a wonderful view. There are many activities going on every day. The employees always are friendly and call everyone by name. There are trips to the grocery store, pharmacies, malls, and restaurants and wherever you want to go.

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