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6 months ago

My mom moved into Fox Ridge Manor in November 2014. She had suffered from the onset of dementia since Fall of 2011. She was forgetting to take her medication, clean her house, prepare meals, and do laundry. She was still able to take care of herself, but she needed assistance. We made one visit to Fox Ridge and knew this was the place. We waited two months and received notification that an apartment was coming available. We had to wait for all new flooring and paint to be completed long with a new toilet being installed. We were able to move her in and make her apartment look nearly like her home. Once she moved in, we had to return to Texas. I called often to see how things were going and was always met with extreme kindness, concern, and professionalism. I did not feel as if I could not call or was bugging the staff. I could call any time I wanted. I visited 5 weeks later and mom was settled in, going to the dining room, making friends and taking her meds, (Her cholesterol was 220 since 2010. Upon moving to Fox Ridge and receiving daily home cooked meals, her count dropped to 150 in 6 months and has remained steadily there for the past 2 years and we check every 6 months). I saw right away that the correct choice had been made. Our families are from Indiana and Mom does not want to come to Texas. She will remain at Fox Ridge Manor as long as she is able to before moving her here with us. We have tried to move her here, but she demands to stay at Fox Ridge in her apartment until she just cant. She has been sick a few times while living here and they have gone over and beyond to help her temporarily until she is back to good health. The staff is outstanding with a lot of young local adults being employed. Each of these fine young men and women care and tend to the residents as if they are their grandparents. The staff has become like my family and we are eternally grateful for all they do to help us keep Mom independent. And did I mention the fantastic made from scratch food served daily? It's almost like being on a cruise ship on land.


9 months ago

My mother moved in after living alone for 2 years after my father passed away. She was to the point where she sat and watched TV most of the time and slept a great deal. When taking care of a house got to be too much, she made the decision to move to Fox Ridge. I'm seeing a new person with a new interest in life. The staff has been so wonderful to work with and they are so kind to Mom. She visits with others and participates in the activities. Yet when she wants to watch TV or relax she can go to her own apartment. The apartments are beautiful. She's eating right and says the meals are great! I can't say enough about Fox Ridge. It's so comforting knowing she's taken care of so well but still independent.

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