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We know you have questions. At Five Star Senior Living, we strive to provide the best resources to help you meet the changing needs in your life. Whether you’re seeking information for yourself or for a loved one, you deserve a partner who understands your important decisions and needs. In Education & Guides, we hope to offer you that support.

Below you will find educational guides and resources that address the questions you’ll likely have as you explore a Five Star Senior Living community. Our guides include informative articles, valuable charts, and even a few games and recipes. To access them, click the download button and get started.

Maintain Your Independence

Considering independent senior living is one of life's major decisions. This guide navigates some of the common misconceptions and gives you a blueprint for what to look for when choosing where to spend your retirement years.

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Maintain Your Independence

Funding Guide

Adult children and other loved ones struggle to understand how much a senior living community costs and what funding solutions are available to help finance it. In this guide, learn what your options are.

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Home Safety Guide

We don’t just want to feel safe and secure in our homes; we want to actually be safe and secure in our homes. As our parents age, keeping them safe and secure can be more problematic. During this transition, monitoring the safety and personal wellness of your loved ones becomes crucial.

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51 Warning Signs

As you care for your aging loved ones, learn how to spot unusual behaviors ranging from poor nutrition to depression.

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The Gift of Giving

Need gift ideas for your aging loved ones? Get recommendations, recipe ideas, a safety checklist and more.

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