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Smith Farms Manor Helps Senior Overcome Nutrition Struggle

April 12, 2016

Smith Farms Manor Helps Senior Overcome Nutrition Struggle
How Senior Living Communities Improve Quality of Life
Seniors are living longer lives than ever before. Today there are over 44 million Americans age 65 and older. By 2050, the Census Bureau expects that figure to double. But longer life doesn’t always mean an older adult enjoys a good quality of life. Loneliness and a poor diet can lead to health problems for seniors.
One way to overcome both is with a move to a senior living community. The move can help an older adult improve their quality of life by providing delicious and nutritious meals along with the companionship of peers. Residents enjoy the dining experience that having meals served restaurant-style provides.
Just ask Bert. She recently moved to Smith Farms Manor in northeast Indiana.
A Move to Senior Living Community Helps Improve Nutrition
Before Bert made the move to Smith Farms Manor, her health was suffering. She just wasn’t motivated to cook for herself any longer. She lost a considerable amount weight and her daughter was growing increasingly alarmed.
I was unsure of what was happening with my mother. I thought she must be skipping meals, so I would call and remind her to eat. But she always told me she had eaten. She lost so much weight and she was getting dehydrated. Even Mom’s doctor was concerned,” explains Bert’s daughter, Janice.
Bert admits she was lonely. Her husband had passed away and cooking for one seemed like too much of a “hassle.” She found herself skipping meals and eating less than healthy foods when she did eat.
According to Bert, “Meal time became a constant reminder of my husband passing away. I lost quite a bit of weight and my loneliness grew stronger.”
Healthy Meals in a Social Environment
A healthy diet is a key part of successful aging. Equally important is having friends to enjoy good conversation with at mealtimes.
 “When I came to Smith Farms Manor I was excited to have all my meals cooked for me. But what I love most is talking to people in the dining room. Now I look forward to coffee dates and meal times with my new friends. I enjoy the conversations we share.
While I still miss my husband, James, I know he would be happy to know I’m in a community that cares for me,” says Bert. “I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make this move!”
Janice gets teary eyed when she hears her mother explain how much she was struggling before her move.
It gives me peace of mind to see how much this move to Smith Farms Manor has helped my mother. They always have well-rounded meals with different options for my mom to choose from.”
Lifestyle360 at Smith Farms Manor
A healthy diet is one of the Five Dimensions of Wellness for residents of Five Star Senior Living communities. A typical evening meal at Smith Farms Manor might give seniors a choice between Beef Burgundy and Chicken Dijon served alongside Roasted Root Vegetable soup and a tossed green salad. And several different --and equally delicious --- options for dessert.
If you or the older adult you love lives in Auburn, Garrett, Butler or Waterloo, Indiana, Smith Farms Manor might be the senior living solution you are looking for. We invite you to Contact Us to schedule a time to join us for lunch or dinner. We know that, like Bert, you will enjoy both the food and the conversation.