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Can a Move to Assisted Living Help Reduce ER Visits?

September 8, 2016

Can a Move to Assisted Living Help Reduce ER Visits?
Even though most people hope to remain at home as they age, there may be significant risks in doing so. In addition to accidents, which can happen anytime, anywhere, there are age-related health concerns that end up sending millions of seniors to the emergency room every year.
In fact, the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control reported that over 19 million ER visits were made by people age 65 and older between 2009 and 2010. When it comes to emergency rooms and seniors, many of the injuries or emergencies sustained could be prevented, especially in an assisted living community.
The Benefits of an Assisted Living Community
In addition to the many social, physical and emotional benefits of senior living communities, assisted living can also help to reduce preventable accidents for seniors.
  1. Designed for Success. Assisted living communities were designed with seniors in mind. Many of the potential dangers that are lurking in people’s homes have been eliminated in senior living communities, including stairs, tall cabinets and dark entryways. Injuries from falls are one of the leading reasons seniors are sent to an emergency room. Minimizing the risks in your senior loved one’s environment can have a positive overall impact on health.
  2. Medication Management. A major benefit of an assisted living community is the custom care plan the staff develops for each resident. A contributing factor to falls in older adults is mismanagement of different medications. Common medication problems for older adults include overdosing, forgetting to take medication or mixing the wrong pills in one sitting. When you live in an assisted living community, a well-trained staff takes on the responsibility of managing your medications so you can focus on enjoying life.
  3. Wellness Programs. Many assisted living communities offer added amenities, such as wellness programs. Five Star Indiana’s Lifestyle360 Program is committed to using a holistic approach and focusing on the five different pillars of wellness--intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional and physical. Through physical activities, like Tai Chi and aquatic therapy, and emotional experiences, like watercolor painting and poetry workshops, seniors have the ability to strengthen both their bodies and minds to truly age well.
  4. Plenty of Help When You Need It. Unlike living alone in a private house, life in an assisted living community provides just that--- a sense of community. Whether your aging parent needs a friendly face to talk with or assistance from expertly trained staff, someone is guaranteed to be close by 24/7.
Emergency Rooms and Seniors: Try To Plan Ahead
It might not be easy to see all of the benefits of an assisted living community when you’re feeling healthy and in good spirits. But being proactive can help keep you and the seniors you love safely independent longer.
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