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How To Choose The Best Senior Living Location

August 25, 2016

How To Choose The Best Senior Living Location
More and more adult children are finding themselves in the position of helping an older loved one downsize and move to a senior living community. Many also find themselves actually beginning the search for a community on their family member’s behalf.
If you are searching for an independent living community for your parent, there are a lot of factors to consider:
  • Will the community provide a healthy environment for my senior loved one to live in?
  • Is there a high standard of care if you have to transition them into assisted living?
  • Will they be compatible with other residents so they can make new friends?
As the adult child of an aging parent, these are important questions to consider when researching senior living options.
Location Considerations when Choosing Assisted Living
Then there is the question of location. How far away your loved one will be living from you is a very personal journey for every family. For some, the idea of having their parent within a short drive provides comfort and peace of mind. For others, not wanting to relocate their aging parent too far from their comfort zone is of utmost importance.
While there is no “right” answer to this question, there are some things to consider before ultimately making a decision.
The Comforts of Home
As an adult child caring for an aging parent, you want to provide them with the best possible care and the least amount of stress possible. Keeping your parent in the community they have lived in for the majority of their adult lives can help cut down on stress and anxiety. Even if you live far from them, they might be more comfortable sticking to an area they know.
The Ease of Proximity
As a caregiver, you are often required to help make critical decisions about your aging parent’s health. This can be challenging to do in a timely manner if you live in a different time zone or have to hop on a plane every time your parent needs you. There is a definite ease that comes from knowing that you have immediate access to your parent should you need it.
Medical Necessities
If your parent has had health scares in the past, they most likely have strong relationships with their medical professionals. Keeping them in their existing location also means maintaining those relationships with their doctors.
Finding a new physician you both feel confident in can take some trial and error. Once you’ve found someone, it can still take years to build a comfortable relationship. If leaving their current doctors makes your loved one feel anxious, moving them closer to you might not be worth it.
No Guarantees
With the state of the current economy, there are no guarantees that you will remain in the same place that you currently reside. Your job or your spouse’s job could be transferred to a new location or you could be laid off and have to move in order to find new work.
If you are approaching retirement, you might decide to head to a warmer climate. It’s important to take all these unknowns into account before deciding whether or not to move your parent.
More Advice
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