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Building a Relationship with the Staff at a Parent's Assisted Living Community

September 27, 2016

Building a Relationship with the Staff at a Parent's Assisted Living Community
When your parent makes the transition to an assisted living community, it’s important to remain involved. Even though they now have access to around-the-clock help, you are still a vital part of the equation.
It might feel awkward at first. You may be unsure of the role you should play in your parent’s new life, especially if you were very involved in their day-to-day care prior to their move.
Building a relationship with the staff at your parent’s assisted living community is a great way to ensure that you remain an integral part of their care. Getting to know the staff is also a good way to remain connected to your parent and to be sure they are receiving the best care possible.
Tips for Building Better Relationships
Here are a few tips for building better relationships with the staff at your parent’s assisted living community:
  1. Introduce Yourself. When you’re moving your parent into assisted living, it’s easy to be distracted with the details of the move and overlook the staff. Once your loved one has moved in, however, be sure to take the time to personally introduce yourself to the staff that will be caring for them. Even if the community has your contact information on file, consider providing caregivers with your phone number. Encourage them to call you should they have any questions or concerns, even if it’s not an emergency.
  2. Volunteer to Help. The whole concept of “it takes a village” doesn’t only apply to raising children, it also applies to senior care. Whether your parent’s assisted living community needs help with group activities or they are looking for volunteers for special events, let them know that you are willing to pitch in. You never know how your social network or expertise in a certain area can end up providing value for your parent and the entire assisted living community.
  3. Ask Questions. As you continue to get to know the staff at your parent’s assisted living community, ask them about themselves. Find out why they decided to get into caregiving in the first place, the days and times that they work and even what their family is like. Taking a personal interest in the staff that is caring for your parent can help provide you with peace of mind knowing your parent is well cared for. It will also help to create a more familial relationship between you and the caregiving team.
  4. Show Social Support. Help spread the word about this great community! Like their Facebook page so you can stay in touch and share fun and educational posts with your network. Most senior living communities welcome positive word-of-mouth and will thank you for helping them in their marketing efforts.
Care Partnership
As the adult child of a parent in assisted living, it’s helpful to think of the assisted living staff as your partner. No matter which Indiana community your parent becomes a part of, you can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands and that the team will welcome your involvement.