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Music Therapy for Indiana Seniors with Dementia

May 5, 2015

Music Therapy for Indiana Seniors with Dementia
Music can be a great avenue for managing difficult times. The soothing sounds of nature can help relieve stress and anxiety. And for people who are suffering from depression or feelings of sadness, livelier music can help lift the spirits.   
Over the past few decades, music has grown to be a valuable tool for managing a variety of health conditions. You can find music therapy at work in settings ranging from an Alzheimer’s care center to hospice houses and senior living communities. For older adults who live with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, listening to music from their younger days can help soothe agitation and restlessness.
Bringing Healing Harmonies to an Indiana Senior
If an older adult you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or a related form dementia, here are a few ideas you can use to bring music’s healing harmonies to them:
  • Their Songs: If you don’t already know who their favorite bands and songs were, try talking with other older family members or friends who are of a similar age. These people can likely help you narrow down who some of the more popular musicians were. It might be songs from movies that were popular back then or music they danced to during their high school and college years. Playing their songs can help your loved one find peace and joy.
  • Musical Marathon: Rent or buy some of the old Elvis Presley or Frankie Avalon movies. Some are even available on streaming sites such as Netflix. Your loved one will likely respond favorably to some of these classics. You may even be able to get them to dance along!
  • Free Concerts: Many local organizations offer free concerts during spring and summer months in Indiana. They may provide a good opportunity for you and your senior loved one to enjoy a night outside together.
A non-profit organization called Music and Memory can be a good resource if you would like to learn more about music therapy for people with dementia. Their Alive Inside documentary is especially compelling.