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Stations of Memories

September 19, 2015

Stations of Memories
At Amber Ridge Memory Care, we've created "Stations of Memories" here as part of our Bridge to Rediscovery program. These stations are helping our residents remember, as well as feel meaningful and productive. 

Bedroom Vanity Station
A vintage look dressing table/vanity with tri fold mirror compliments one partial wall in the great room with collections of hats from era’s gone by, as well as colorful scarves help to create a feeling of going out on the town with friends.  
Residents, family and staff enjoy using these props to recall great memories, like going off to dances, dinner and church to show off their new accessories.
Staff help to engage the resident in the moment by asking questions, thus prompting a story the resident.  Whatever the story, it usually takes them on a beautiful journey with friends and family, and we find that most love to share their story.

The Man Cave Station
In an alcove at the end of a hall, we have our “Man Cave”.  Here you will find shelves of mid size automobile replicas, magazines, an old gas pump, and a variety of metal signs from service stations.   Both men and women walk by and admire the look of the vehicles.  We encourage remembering the smell of gasoline, talk about its dangers and how much you paid for a gallon. Residents, families and their children appreciate the color and the “ride” to where their shared moment takes them.

The Laundry Station
Here we have a basket full of towels, socks, pillow cases and baby clothes.  A large sign on the wall “Laundry” tends to draw the women in.  When they see the basket full of tossed items that are very unorganized they are happy to help fold.  Along with the folding comes dividing baby, lady’s and men’s sox.  We separate kitchen towels form bath towels and talk about how much a baby may be if it were to fit into an outfit.
This is a favorite station.  Conversations about wringer washers, clotheslines, clothes pins, beautiful sunny days, little children running and playing…..not to mention how great he smell of freshly washed clothes smell.

The Secretary Station
Over in a small private corner where work can be tended to is a desk.  This desk holds some machines that were commonly used in the past.  A vintage typewriter, rotary phone, and adding machine bring to life the days when some of our residents were actually secretaries at John Deere, here in the Quad Cities.  There are note pads and horizontal file baskets, envelopes, a ruler,  and many more items that simulate an office type setting.
This station helps engage a resident in a productive time in their life when they may have been taking shorthand, sitting at a meeting and trying to work while raising children.