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7 months ago

I arrived at Church Creek on Oct 5th and was a patient here for over a month. This was my second visit. I came here for one reason, to recuperate and be with your staff after suffering heart failure. I felt like a princess with a lovely room, excellent rehab and food, along with fun activities to keep me happy. My health is much improved for one reason - all of you! We all had so much fun on Halloween, Cubs Dress-up Day and World Series (last game) night! When I leave you will all be in my prayers for the loving and giving spirit you extend to all of your patients at Church Creek! Thanks a million!! I love you all.


9 months ago

Excellent care by all Mom's caregivers. Great food, love the special spreads at Easter - Christmas. Fabulous special meals (buffets).


10 months ago

I wanted to take a positive approach to therapy and I found this worked well since the therapists were certainly positive. I even felt “at home” since I was being called by my name and we would get to the point of having some laughs during some of the exercises. I have “fallen” for all of you simply because you have helped me get on my feet and be able to be active with my walker again.  Rowena, Jenny, and Kasia – you were really great!

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