Cameron Hall of Ellijay

Jennifer-edit.jpgJennifer Williams
Executive Director

Jennifer Williams was born and raised in Nebraska, but she has lived in Georgia for the last 15 years.  She joined Cameron Hall of Ellijay as the Executive Director in October of 2017.  She started off her career as an RN working in a Nursing Home and then Assisted Living. Through the years she changed her focus to electronic medical records and helped doctors and hospitals implement new software.  When the opportunity to change back to working with seniors arose – she was very excited.

Jennifer enjoys the interesting stories and life lessons passed on to her from the seniors she works with. Jennifer is an avid reader and now that she drives 2 hours a day for her commute she is listening to Audiobooks too. She also enjoys living on an acreage where she raises ducks, chickens and geese.  For the last 12 years she has been breeding Standard Goldendoodles and loves every minute of raising puppies!  Stop by her office on Thursdays and you will meet Ned who comes to visit with our residents – he is a sweetheart!

Tammy-edit.jpgTammy Baker
Director of Resident Care

As a native of Gilmer County, Tammy wanted to give back to the community which invested in her. She became an LPN and has worked extensively with seniors during her career. Working with the highly dedicated team at Cameron Hall gives her the opportunity to give back. She feels it is such a privilege taking care of the wonderful residents! When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, teaching Sunday school, and traveling.

Mindy-edit.jpgMindy Pollett
Food & Beverage Director

Mindy was born in Ohio and influenced by her Mom and Grandma’s southern-style of cooking. She has always enjoyed being in the kitchen with them watching and learning. Growing up in a close relationship with her Grandma prepared Mindy for working with seniors – something she has a real passion for. As a member of the Cameron Hall team for the past 4 years, she brings her style of southern cooking to the residents. Every Monday morning is “Waffles with Mindy,” a time when she truly delights in fellowshipping with the residents. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. Mindy and her husband are active hikers, feeling extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Next time you see her, be sure to ask for a slice of her signature peanut butter pie! 

Macy-edit.jpgMacy Dotson
Lifestyle360 Director

Macy is the Lifestyle360 Director at Cameron Hall, working in the community since 2017. In her time away from work, she is attending Kennesaw State University to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications. During her leisure, Macy spends time with her family or her dog, Oakley!


Jessi-edit.jpgJessi Barton
Community Relations Director

Jessi, a native of Ellijay/Gilmer County, is the Community Relations Director for Cameron Hall. She has been with Five Star Senior Living for over 6 years, working both at Cameron Hall and its sister property, Gracemont. Her passion is helping families during their times of need. Jessi aims to be the go-to expert for senior information in North Georgia, hosting an aging adult TV segment each week. As a result of her Gerontology capstone project, she serves as an Educator for the Alzheimer’s Association to public safety and law enforcement departments. She also represents Cameron Hall with the Gilmer County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador group. 

When she’s not volunteering or working, Jessi is either teaching yoga at her studio in Ellijay or she spends time with her husband and their fur-kids.  Their hearts are for serving others, as they take annual mission trips to Haiti. A self-proclaimed book worm, Jessi usually has a book in her hand or is tending to her succulent garden. If you need aging adult resources, call her as your starting point.   

Dolores-edit.jpgDolores Barthelmess
Business Office Manager

Dolores loves Cameron Hall and her position as Business Office Manager. Cameron Hall is not the building even though the building is awesome; it’s the people that she works with, all of the Residents that call it home, and the Volunteers that help. Together, everyone makes such an awesome TEAM. When Dolores is not in her favorite seat at her desk, she plays. She’s a transplanted southern Georgia girl, from Savannah and she left the ocean to come to the majestic mountains. Dolores does love the views up here.  Her family loves the life they have made here. Her kids can play outside, they have plenty of things to “go and check out” and the pace is not as fast as it was in Savannah. She appreciates the opportunity to be the BOM. Her happiness and gratitude are infectious and her smile brightens everyone’s day.

Neil-edit.jpgNeil Fletcher
Maintenance Director

Neil has been here at Cameron Hall since the beginning, involved in the construction of the beautiful community. He enjoys helping others and is blessed by the looks on faces when he repairs an issue. The father of 2 sons, Neil recently moved to the great state of Tennessee to be with his love that he claims has been such a blessing to he and his boys. During the last 10 years at Cameron Hall, he has had a great time getting to know everyone, building good friendships with the residents that have come and gone, but will never be forgotten. However, this is also the hardest part of his job: getting to know someone and then they start his/her journey home where Neil knows we will all go someday. The memories he shared with residents will forever be in his heart.

In Neil’s spare time, he loves spending time with his family, dining out, shopping, and going to sporting events together. Even shopping with Julie is really fun because he she loves how he lets her look and take her time. Any activity with his family, including camping in the mountains, going to the beach, watching sports, or taking in a movie makes Neil happy. Neil thanks the residents for allowing him the opportunity to visit them in their home on a daily basis. He also thanks them for trusting him with mechanical issues as he strives daily to assist and repair any and all issues that may come along.