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1 month ago

Over a year ago, very dear couple friends of ours became residents of Morningside. When I visit them, I am impressed with how comfortable, clean and homelike Morningside is. My friend, Paul has been able to continue his lifelong love of gardening there and is very happy. His wife is less active but comfortable and well cared for. The staff is genuinely concerned for each and every resident and the Director, Toni Thompson puts her heart into making this a place of comfort and happiness for its residents. I can highly recommend Morningside Assisted Living to anyone looking for their friends, family or themselves.


4 months ago

My mother, 95 year old Ruth Kaplan, has been living at Morningside of Dalton for almost 11 months. She moved here from Macon, Georgia which meant leaving her friends and everything familiar behind. This was a very difficult transition. However, being here has been a blessed period of time, starting with the staff. Toni Thompson is an amazing director and that filters down to each staff member. They have handled Mother with respect, kindness and support. She is treated like a queen. We are so grateful to Toni for getting us connected to the right agency for assistance in getting her much needed VA benefits. The facility is so welcoming. It is very clean and well maintained. This all creates a feeling of warmth and being at home. One of the most comforting things is that my mother says she feels safe. There are a variety of activities offered that assist in keeping the clients involved and socializing with others. Mother particularly enjoys the devotionals and playing Bingo. It has become one big, loving family for her. Ms. Ruth said, "I am very happy and love living here."


9 months ago

I would like to thank everyone at Morningside. My Mother Kathryn Gundlach was a resident at Morningside for a short time. The time my mom had there was very special. She loved everyone of the staff and the residents. She looked forward to devotional hour, Mom loved reading the bible but because of her dementia she did not read that much anymore that is why this hour was special to her. She did love all the activities and being with people. She Loved to help people and at Morningside she fit right in. I live in New York and I would call her everyday. It was hard to get a hold of her because she was so busy. I would call the front desk and everyone was happy to tell me she was having a great time with her friends. My sister Lori lives in Georgia and when ever she had questions Toni would always responded quickly to any of our needs. Thanks to all the wonderful people at Morningside I was able to spend the last weeks with my mom, right by her side, they welcomed me and our family coming and going. All the staff and residents became more to me then just someone looking after my mother. They became a part of me they became Family. They will always have a special place in my heart. When ever I am in Georgia I will always make a special trip to see my extended family. They not only get five stars, they also get my heart.


10 months ago

Our Dad is a young 72 year old in great shape except for one thing…dementia. We tried keeping him in his home, but it became too difficult and dangerous for him. After visiting more assisted living homes than I can count, Morningside of Dalton was simply THE BEST, nothing else even compared. Toni Thompson and the Morningside of Dalton staff has been a Godsend. First of all, my Dad felt he was too young to be in an “old folk’s home”, as he calls it. But Toni and the staff never make him feel “old”; they always treat him with great respect and as an equal, not like a child, inmate, or patient, but an EQUAL. That matters to people, all people, all ages. The transition was tough at first because my Dad was very resentful and hurt that we moved him from his home (I can’t even imagine how this must have felt to him, but it was to save his life, honestly). Toni guided us and helped us with that transition…I have wondered at times if Toni is an angel in disguise. They have activities adaptable for all ages, always including him; they have music, church services, outings, bbq’s outside, and many other activities. Lots of flexibility and freedom, but in a very safe haven; great food, lovely home, always very clean and fresh, and it truly does feel like home. Wonderful care in every aspect (physical and emotional) and VERY caring people. Now Dad feels safe and very much at home, his silly self again…A MIRACLE FOR SURE!


11 months ago

After my grandmother had broken her shoulder we had made the decision that Assisted Living would be best for her, we went to a couple of places and Morningside of Dalton definitely was the best place for us and her. She has made lots of friends there as we have as well, the staff is always so inviting and friendly. They love my grandmother as we love her. They really go above and beyond their job duties! We are so thankful that we chose Morningside. I would strongly recommend Morningside Assisted Living of Dalton to anyone that has a parent or grandparent or any other special person in their life that is facing this decision.


1 year ago

Approximately 2 years ago I was faced with the hard decision to move my grandmother to an assisted living facility. As a nurse I had volunteered at several of the facilities in Dalton. I made my decision based on the quality of care, cleanliness, and professionalism I had witnessed at Morningside as a volunteer. I have been very pleased with my grandmother's care. The staff is excellent and compassionate to my grandmother's needs. Toni Thompson runs a wonderful facility and always goes above and beyond to make sure my grandmother is happy. I would highly recommend Morningside. The staff has become an extended family to both my grandmother and me. I never worry about her care or safety and this is invaluable for peace of mind.

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