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9 months ago

Living at Stratford Court is a very rewarding experience. It provides a new home, new friends and is a great place to live. The staff is most caring and succeeds in pleasing us in so many ways. We have been fortunate to have many longtime & personnel friends join us here. Living here is most enjoyable.


10 months ago

I have been a resident at Stratford Court of Palm harbor for two years and I have loved every moment of it. The facility is very clean and well kept. The dining room serves an excellent abundance cuisine with a broad menu that leaves a choice of three different entrees daily, a “to order” menu, and two surprise additions weekly for vegetarians served on the salad bar at dinner time. Happy hour is done with entertainment and lovely appetizers every Friday, ice cream socials once a week, and popcorn socials once a week, which are always a treat for us here at Stratford Court. Management holds an open door policy and all viable suggestions are addressed and resolved. The entire staffs of cohesive employees are always visible to address our needs and I feel the staff “lives here” with us. High level management will fill in whenever and wherever backup is needed which does not go unnoticed. The residents and employees are very happy here and we, the residents take pride in living here. Our monthly calendars provide a list of various activities which residents may enjoy on the daily basis and lists each resident’s birthday every month which is celebrated the day of, in the dining room with an individual cake and balloons. Lastly, people who require skilled nursing receive many visitors from their independent resident “friends” which is nice to have in the time of recovery.

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