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6 months ago

I have been living at The Tuscany Villa of Naples, Florida for almost one year; I occupy an attractive and suitable apartment and with it goes the conveniences of having three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry and assisted living care. Recently, The Tuscany Villa has been having an overhaul and a renewed look to envy any other similar facility in the area. In a timely approach, the Villa will look more like a first class resort hotel than an assisted living facility. Lately, there have been new and positive improvements, physical and conceptual, in every segment of this organization. Enhanced attention in the cooking has produced better quality meals; improved dining room service, new table setting, with linen in “living and attractive colors” and the new menus, it makes look like and feel like a first class restaurant. Looking around the Tuscany Villa, many changes have occurred: in the front entrance, new furniture is on display, new chairs and tables placed on all balconies. The remake of the vestibule is spectacular: water games, fountains, fish tanks, new sofas and fixtures. Recently, all common areas have been repainted and beautified with new decorations and various furnishings. The outside landscape has been renewed; inside, many floors are covered with new rugs or other types of materials, and many rooms have been upgraded and ready to welcome new residents. Mr. Petrosini, who has orchestrated all these changes, has spurred the staff to be more effective and has made it possible to provide us with a sense of belonging and to make our staying at the Tuscany Villa, our home, a continuous comfortable and satisfying experience. Mr.Petrosini has worked very hard to realize all these changes and enhancements: they would have not been possible without the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our new Executive Director, who for his care, his understanding, for his readiness to help and for his generosity and thoughtfulness, is the greatest asset for the residents of the Tuscany Villa of Naples.


7 months ago

Compliments coming your way on the physical improvement you have initiated here at Tuscany Villa. The new lounge furniture installed on the front patio is very impressive.  Since I am always confined to my wheelchair, I'll take the appreciative words of my fellow residents that are capable of using the furniture.  Good Job!! The new light-panels in the store-room, and dining-room, along with ceiling fixtures down the hallways on first,  second, and third floors are much brighter facilitating in reading information and moving around.  Watching the fish is another pass-time many of us have and are developing since you had the fish tank and water-falls installed.  What an insightful undertaking!!   Our gratitude is owed to you for all this. Your staff is nice, caring and the food is good too.   Now we wait anxiously for what is yet to come. Nursing Department care and services has greatly improved! Thank you very much!

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