Foulk Manor South

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4 months ago

I was a resident there and I had a great experience. God bless the aides and the nurses. They gave me excellent care. This is a Five Star community and it really lives up to its name.


9 months ago

The entire staff and administration are caring and compassionate. I'll always remember the times my wife and I spent visiting my mom; although difficult, since she was in the health care unit side, (full care), and on deep decline, I was relived that she truly was being cared for in this facility.... and I was there a lot! My heart goes out to all these folks, even to the ones behind the scenes, who compassionately provide an endless supply of care and love to their residents. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!


9 months ago

Holiday party was very nice and lots of good food. We had a wonderful time. The facility is well maintained. Staff, nurses, aids and front desk always very pleasant. I love this place for my father. He is in good hands. Thank You! :)


11 months ago

When faced with the decision of placing my dad we happened upon Foulk Manor South. I will be the first one to tell you when I visited for the first time to take a tour, I did not go in with high expectations (I had toured A LOT of facilities). Much to my surprise, I walked into the best facility in Delaware! The facility was clean, the residents looked well taken care of and the staff was friendly and kind. So we placed my dad in their very capable hands and have slept well ever since. It doesn't matter when I visit I'm thrilled with the cleanliness, that he is happy and staff takes very good care of him (did I mention the staff? they are the best!).


1 year ago

It is extremely hard to put a loved one in a nursing home and your company has made the transition very easy. I know he’s safe and taken care of. The aides are wonderful. The only downside is that the community is an hour away from me and an assisted living community is sorely needed in lower Kent and Suffolk County. Even Millford would be nice but either way I want to thank you for taking care of my loved one.


2 years ago

I moved my mother to Foulk Manor South Assisted Living in March 2017 after comparing about a dozen facilities nearby. The reputation was capable and caring , and it checked all the "boxes" that were important to her long term care and ability to transition (eg private room and bath), while offering a lot of value for services. There are newer places and ones that offer many more bells and whistles , but I felt these were amenities that she would never utilize, so why pay for them. Fee structure was by far the most reasonable, nursing willing to work with you on tailoring care, and the food the best of all the places (the "available at any time" meal selection is like a restaurant menu - not just one of two sandwiches). The staff has done a great job helping her transition to her "new neighborhood". Foulk Manor South offers a compact, non-intimidating footprint, whereas other places would have been a simply overwhelming environment. For most people and their families, assisted living as a permanent option is a pretty major move, emotionally and financially taxing. For us, Foulk Manor South made the most sense and seemed the best fit. She will never use a fitness center, join a bridge club, notice if there are real paintings on the walls, or care if the library is digital. But it matters to her that even on the night shift, somebody is there "just to go a have a nice conversation with and laugh".

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