Mantey Heights Rehabilitation & Care Center

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2 days ago

I have been at Mantey Heights now for 4 days after a bad case of pneumonia which landed me in the hospital for 7 days and now am rehabbing. I am so very impressed with this place I cannot praise it enough. The people who work here tirelessly are some of the most compassionate, wonderful, caring people I have had the pleasure to meet. The care they give to the permanent residents is exactly how I would want someone I loved to be cared for. The food is like being at the Ritz and they have bent over backwards to attend to my every needs. Luckily, I am getting stronger everyday and hope to go home in a couple of weeks, but I would recommend this facility highly. I had a friend who was at Foresight, supposedly the state of the art new facility in town and did not see this kind of care there. Thank you all for making an otherwise miserable situation so much better for me.


2 months ago

My husband has been at Mantey Heights for a while now and I don't know what I would do without the staff there. They are kind and loving to my husband and to me. They allow me to voice my frustrations and sadness with the changes I see in my husband's health. I am so grateful for all of the staff on Monument Hall. They are a God send!

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