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Diana Davidson

3 months ago

My mother has had a difficult time over the last 6 months and needed to be placed in a nursing home. We had placed her in three different nursing homes before finding The Remington Club. To say that the feel of The Remington Club is nothing like a nursing home is an understatement. When you walk in you're greeted with a smile and made to feel welcomed. The decor is very nice and feels as though you just walked into to someones living room. When I toured this was the first thing that came to mind having already had my mother in a nursing home, the smell. There are no smells that normally lingered in the other nursing homes. When I was shown the rehabilitation floor I was happy to see that there were no large trash bins on rollers in the hallways. In all of the other nursing homes the halls were littered with these trash bins filled with soiled linen. It made the nursing homes reek of urine and human waste. My mothers room had ample space to seat 5-6 people comfortably. Her room also had its own thermostat and bathroom (no shower). I was very pleased with the accommodations and more importantly she felt comfortable. The nursing staff was great. They were very attentive and made sure she had everything she needed. As with any nursing home there is a lot to do and there were a few times that mother pushed the call button and was had to wait more than 20 minutes for a bed pan or pain meds, but once this was brought up to the nurse in charge it was corrected. The food was hit or miss. She liked certain dishes and disliked others. They have a substitution menu and an abundance of fresh fruit that made up for the days she didn't like what was being served. Overall if my mother needed the care of a nursing home we would choose The Remington Club. Thank you.

Carl Bogucki

4 months ago

I have had muscle and skeleton issues compounded by a stroke. I can't stop singing about all the great things going on..... I noticed that the staff will make home visits closer to your release to make any recommendations on the safety of your home.... second function is speech therapy if they feel that's what you need. I needed that and I was kept on my toes. Third,the food was greatly improved with daily visits from food services,if you do not like the two choices,you can choose something else......we all know that no one cooks like your mom or wife,but its very good food. The CNA are the greatest. I had the the feeling of being a part of their family....the same goes with physical and occupation therapist. Upon my discharge,they set up Home Health Care for me. I was home for one day when I received a contact call. I have two weeks left before I'm released. The nursing staff at The Remington Club treated me better then when I was in the hospital.. Yes,I have read all the reviews the rooms is sparse,your not at a hotel.... You are there to get well and be released to your home for continual recovery. My wife was at the Remington Club, she was very happy to be there,after my recommending it to her. She also knows that if anything ever happens to me again,my recovery will always will be there. 

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