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At The Remington Club in San Diego, CA, we love to showcase reviews and feedback, because you have the chance to hear from residents in their own words. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there’s so much we share, and so much that connects us. Here are just a few thoughts from our community:




1 week ago

I give 5 stars, the staff is excellent.



1 week ago

The nurses have been kind and caring, attend to my needs. Call lights are answered in an adequate time. Physical therapy (Mark) has been wonderful, teaching me to walk with a walker on my leg, and teaching me the exercises to help strengthen the surgical leg. OT is helpful in teaching me helpful exercises in dressing, ect. Food has been good. Everyone coming together to help me be able to go home feeling comfortable. Thanks to all of you!



1 month ago

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Food is excellent. Physical therapy was very good. I can highly recommend The Remington Club Health Care Center to anyone that needs the help to get stronger and feel better.



2 months ago

I was overwhelmed with kindness by all the staff! Their concern for my care was humbling to me. They are so hard working. I cannot praise all the healthcare workers enough! Also, the therapy people helped me when I thought I couldn't go further. The food was so delicious, every single meal! Thank you with all my heart!



5 months ago

The food is delicious, i did put some weight on, which is good. Staff is very pleasant and professional. The surroundings is modern. i would highly recommend The Remington Club Health Care Center. I am the representative of Bagels and Balogna.



5 months ago

i would came back to the Health Care Center if need to. The care is wonderful, a very clean place. Very happy I came to the Health Care Center. Staff is very good. The Therapy Department has been very helpful and I am getting strong because of PT.



6 months ago

Everyone is so kind and the food is great. The staff is wonderful and fun.



8 months ago

Great staff, comfortable, well kept environment. Food is well prepared and delicious.



8 months ago

As a resident of Remington II, I cannot thank enough of the staff for being so wonderful. I have been treated with kindness, and a very caring staff. This morning I had the pleasure of going to The Remington Club Health Care Center to visit a resident. I was amazed how clean the Health Care Center is and a very loving staff. I can't say enough how happy I am to be a resident at The Remington Club.


8 months ago

I've been here two weeks and have been completely happy with their service. The therapists are very knowledgeable, using the best exercises for my particular case, working me as hard as I am capable. The people working in every department seem devoted. Everyone is focused and the place is cleaned every day. The food is the equal of a high priced restaurant, served attractively, with a strawberry for every meal. The menu varied, and efforts made for individual needs. I have a private room and responsive care.

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