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The Remington Club

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1 month ago

My experience at The Remington Club was for rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery. My room was clean and bright. The nurses on the floor were splendid. They helped me to stay ahead of the pain that would come with PT. They answered the call button in a prompt and pleasant manner. The PT team was encouraging during my time with them. Each day they challenged me to bare weight on my leg that did not want to have to experience the pain. Most of my time was spent with Andrew and Morgan who got me up and walking longer distances each day. Also, the staff was open and welcoming to my family and friends. One day some friends brought their granddaughter and her new baby with them and lunch. The staff pulled a larger table out for our use along with six chairs for us. The food selection was good and always served warm when delivered by the staff. All in all, since I had to have the help offered at The Remington Club, it was an excellent location to regain my physical strength.


2 months ago

Remington Club lives up to its 5 star reputation. Everyone has been great, compassionate, and helpful.

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