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3 days ago

I recently went to Somerford Place Encinitas with a friend of mine to see her grandmother. I was so impressed with what I saw from the staff. Her grandma was in an exercise class with other residents and they were having so much fun. It takes special people to come to work everyday and take care of someone who has Alzheimer's. These are very special employees. I know know now why her grandma is there.


1 month ago

When her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s became all too apparent, I finally accepted my mother’s needs had changed. After visiting half a dozen facilities, I decided to move her from assisted living to a place where everyone was experiencing varieties of this same problem. I chose Somerford Place in Encinitas, a small residence with only about 40 or 45 residents where all the employees could get to know her and me. The director explained the caregivers had been trained to deal with the ever changing conditions of Alzheimer’s. During that first year there was a strong director and a staff recruited by the director who helped residents participate in daily activities such as chair exercises, music, art projects, and games. There were monthly support group meetings and many chances to speak with staff members. Family and friends were always welcomed, and some of us got to know each other. When the initial director left, she took a number of staff members with her. A skeleton staff made it more difficult for Somerford to transition to another director. Several have come and gone. I was discouraged until they managed to hire Lori. Today I believe Somerford staff and residents are once again in good hands with a new director who does not confine herself to a front office but circulates through the building talking to residents, staff, and family. She has plans for a community garden with residents participation. On Father’s Day she has planned entertainment, a cookout for residents and their families, and an antique car show. I sense she is evaluating staff and trying to make adjustments to their schedules as she hires new caregivers. She volunteered that she loves Somerford because it is small and she has every intention of staying. Staff members tell me they like her. This is all good. Alzheimer’s is devastating to one’s family. It is ever changing. Today my mother can do almost nothing for herself. Caregivers get her up in the morning, dress her, change her, put her in a wheelchair, take her to meals, and yes, even feed her. If she has a bruise, they call me and the Hospice nurse. When her feet swell, they know to take off her socks and put her in a recliner. They talk with Hospice staff about her needs. They clean her room and make sure to get her to the in house beauty salon each week. In nice weather they encourage her to sit out in the warm court yard. Each of these matters seem more important to me than to her as she continues to lose memory and weight and sleeps more and more, all signs of this disease as it relentlessly pursues the person you love. If you are looking for a place for one of your relatives, it is tempting to choose a place where you think you might like to live. You want a private room, good food, an open visitation policy, activities, a caring staff. You can get this at Somerford. But as Alzheimer’s progresses, priorities change. One’s needs are simple: safety, quality care and compassion. I believe Somerford Encinitas exhibits these qualities under the direction of Lori.

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