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Cost Comparison

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Compare the costs of living in your own home with living at a Five Star Senior Living community. You'll be amazed at all that is included in our simple monthly rental fee!

Home Ownership

  • What’s the true cost of living in your home? Add up all the costs, and the total sum may surprise you – especially compared to everything that comes included at Five Star communities.

What do you currently spend each month for:

Home Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Now consider everything you spend on everyday bills – utilities, yard work, and more. And that doesn’t include the TIME you spend on household chores. Couldn’t that time be better spent?

What do you currently spend each month for:


  • You’re paying for the rising cost of groceries and gasoline – not to mention entertainment and recreation. How big a bite does all that take out of your budget?

What do you currently spend each month for:

Health and Wellness

  • You may be spending more on your health maintenance and security than you realize. Add up the costs of health clubs, medical alerts, and security – and you may be surprised by the total.

What do you currently spend each month for:

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