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At The Forum at Tucson in Tucson, AZ, we love to showcase reviews and feedback, because you have the chance to hear from residents in their own words. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there’s so much we share, and so much that connects us. Here are just a few thoughts from our community:



1 year ago

Mom and Dad were planning to move into Independent Living in January of 2013 and we began to prepare the Apartment for moving their things. It became apparent by March that Dad was going to have to live in the Memory Care Unit, separately from Mom. I had looked at other places, but we felt the care we observed here was far better than any other place. We moved Dad into the Memory Care Unit in March of 2013. Because of his needs, we didn’t move Mom right away although we had begun renting the apartment.
I immediately noticed that there were many very wonderful caregivers in the Memory Care Unit. Both my Mom and I felt relieved. My Dad had a little bit of a tough transition since he did not understand why he was staying there. All the caregivers were wonderful at keeping him active and were able to divert his attentions in a kind way. He enjoyed being served his meals in the dining room, family style and became fond of the folks sitting around him. They encouraged us to sit with him and eat if we wanted.
As Dad became less mobile, the care was stepped up so that he was taken care of in each of the things he could no longer do. After about three and a half years, we had to move Dad up to Skilled Nursing as he required lifting by hoyer lift and full time nursing. He was in Skilled Nursing in the Forum for two and a half years before they closed the unit.
When we were told we needed to move him, I went out looking at many Memory Care Units here in Tucson, but could not find one with the care here at the Forum. I approached the sales team and the CEO, Hilary, asking if dad could live back in the Memory Care. You all made a way for him to do that…even to the point of training all the caregivers how to use the hoyer lift! Mom and I were so grateful. Mom was able to continue to walk down the hall to see him.
Shortly after this time, Mom fell and broke her shoulder and over a period of a couple years had four surgeries. It was a blessing for me that Dad and Mom were in the same building and that Dad was receiving excellent care. Dad was on hospice three times, but recovered each time because the care was so consistent.
As you know, Dad passed away May 2020, after seven and a half years in care here. Because of the COVID restrictions that kept Mom from being able to come in, he kind of gave up. Unfortunately, three days after Dad passed, Mom fell and broke her hip. After surgery and a stint in rehab, Mom moved into Memory Care. Mom is now being cared for by the same folks we came to love with Dad.
Mom is a two person lift and transfer, and is a strong-willed lady. She is frustrated with her lack of ability to walk, but is also receiving PT care from Ageility here at the Forum. The caregivers in the Memory Care continue to amaze me at their compassion and caring with each and every resident.
I also am appreciative of the excellence that the Forum has exhibited in dealing with COVID. Because of the fastidiousness of keeping to the rules, quarantining when needed, use of PPE and cleanliness, very few have gotten sick. When they did, all fully recovered.
I know I am long-winded, but I am very thankful for all your listening and the help you have given me each time I had questions and needs. I really appreciate you greatly! Please let people know how grateful I am. I don’t think I would have made it through these last few years without the Forum!



1 year ago

We have been very happy with the Forum. My parents moved in to the independent living area some 7 years ago. They loved it there, but unfortunately only 2 years later after my mom broke her hip, they needed to move to the assisted living. The Forum bent over backwards to get them into their new space and again, they were quite happy. One of the great things about the Forum is that they are keenly aware of the mental and physical state of the residents. After a couple of years in the assisted living, it became clear that my father needed memory care. Again, the Forum helped to find space in their Neighborhood Assisted Living side for my mom and a space in their Bridges to Rediscovery for my dad. Bridges was a great transition for my dad and it was just down the hall from my mom’s room. Each of them were able to develop relationships with the other residents and staff in their respective areas but stay in touch with each other. My dad made good progress while in the Bridges program. He was safe and well cared for. I also really appreciated how welcome the staff made me feel while visiting. They even created a space in the activities room many times for pizza parties so we could have family and friends come visit. My dad particularly enjoyed the courtyard area where he liked to walk and we could sit and chat. Finally, when it became time that my father needed something else due to his deteriorating conditions, the Forum staff handled that difficult conversation with me with compassion. They helped find a facility that could help and made it very easy for me to make the move. Finally, after all of this, my mom has now progressed to the point that Bridges was right for her. I have been very happy with the care she has received. COVID times have been trying for everyone but I am particularly impressed at how they have kept the infection from entering the facility. In sum, I will say that I am so happy my parents chose the Forum and stayed there as they progressed through the facility. I live 2000 miles away from Tucson, and the Forum has made it possible for me to both be involved and provide the needed care.



2 years ago

I am very impressed with the Forum of Tucson.



2 years ago


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