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Jeremey Cruz - Arizona Healthcare Association C.N.A of the Year!

Jeremey Cruz - Arizona Healthcare Association C.N.A of the Year!

September 1, 2015

Jeremy is an exemplary C.N.A. and employee who gives the highest quality work each and every day. Jeremy has an innate and skilled understanding of what it takes to keep a patient happy and safe. He approaches each shift with compassion and a smile. He has qualities beyond his C.N.A. training to ensure patients' safety and satisfaction. Jeremy goes above and beyond to care for all types of patients that can be very demanding. He takes on the patient that will work with no one else, the patient that has exceedingly difficult demands and he can get them to turn around, be an active participant in our program and graduate to go home. Jeremy takes the time to engage and know his patients' personally. What they like, what they don’t like, what their livelihood were and he celebrates them as people not just patients or a room number. Jeremy has been known to make rounds on holidays or birthdays to sing to patients as he has a lovely voice. “Jeremy is a bright light in everyone's day”

Men's Club Water Donation

Men's Club Water Donation

August 8, 2015

Pueblo Norte's Men's Club members Gene and Bob, along with Lifestyle360 Director Jo Smith, were pleased to present a check for $800 to Brenda Cash, a representative of Central Arizona Shelter Services for their Hydration Station project. This money will provide the local homeless with an opportunity to receive vital water and resources during these sweltering summer months.

In addition to the wonderful help these residents provide for our summer needs, they also take collections throughout the year such as toiletries and clothes for the cooler seasons that go to help other local organizations, like UMOM, a day shelter organization that provides needs for homeless families.

To show their gratitude for our effort, Brenda presented a special framed painting by some of the children in her shelter, who appreciate the help and work the Pueblo Norte clubs provide.

Pueblo Norte Senior Living Community

Pueblo Norte Senior Living Community

July 14, 2015


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