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1 week ago

I have been working in the elder care community,as a pharmacy consultant, for over 30 years. I review possible drug interactions,and duplication of medications and advise when to best give medications.I also advise the facility on regulations that need to be followed in order to stay compliant with state and Federal law. I have performed these duties at thousands of assisted living facilities. In my honest opinion,Morningside of Fayetteville Assisted Living is a clean,professional and compliant facility for a loved one. I have nothing but good to say about this facility. The staff is first class and very professional. I've offered to move my mon from another city to this facility. I give my highest recommendation to Morningside Fayetteville (Arkansas)


1 year ago

Morningside of Fayetteville is a wonderful community. It’s well-maintained. I am completely satisfied with the service. The staff is doing a great job.

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