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Why the Fall Season is a Great Time to Move to Assisted Living

Why the Fall Season is a Great Time to Move to Assisted Living

<!–[CDATA[When families first begin to discuss a senior loved one’s move to an assisted living community, many questions arise. From what community is best, to how much to spend, everyone in the family has their own opinion. Even a time line for moving can be tough to determine. Is summer a better season to move than winter? Or is fall the best of all?


Often, the decision to move is an individual one based on an older adult’s unique situation. Circumstances, such as an illness or the sale of a home, may dictate when a move takes place. When a senior has a choice about what time of year to relocate, encourage them to consider moving in the fall. Here are a few reasons why it’s a great season to do so.

Seven Reasons for Moving to Assisted Living This Fall

  1. Move before the snow flies: While moving is never fun, dragging boxes and furniture through ice and snow can be less than ideal. By making a move before the snow flies, an older adult can avoid the messiness of a winter move.
  2. Enjoy the holidays: The holidays are a festive time of year for residents of assisted living communities. From choirs that visit to sing carols to decking the halls with ribbons and boughs of holly, a senior who moves during the fall will be settled in and ready to participate in the holiday activities.
  3. Better rates for movers: June, July, and August are considered peak moving months. As a result, rates for hiring a moving company may be higher. By waiting until late September or early October, a senior might be able to negotiate a more favorable rate with a local moving company.
  4. Transportation services: If you live in a climate prone to ice and snow, you may not relish running errands and driving to appointments during the winter. The same could be said of heat and humidity during summer months. By moving to an assisted living community, a senior can take advantage of the community’s door-to-door transportation service.
  5. Better variety of choices: Because families tend to head home during the holidays, visits and calls about moving to assisted living communities often peak during November, December, and January. That means there is more competition for available assisted living apartments. By making a fall move, a senior will likely beat the holiday rush.
  6. Opportunities for socializing: Another advantage of moving in the fall is the opportunity to participate in on-site life enrichment activities each day. From chair yoga to art workshops, having on-site activities can help seniors stay active and engaged even when the winter winds are roaring outside. No trudging through the snow to exercise at the gym or attend a book club.
  7. Better nutrition: Older adults, especially those who live alone, often consume less than optimal diets. From lack of transportation to the grocery store to a lack of motivation to cook for one, it’s easy to understand why. Making a move this fall means a senior will have access to well-balanced meals every day. Your older loved one will start looking and feeling better in no time!

If you’ve been putting off talking about moving with a senior loved one, there’s no time like the present. Call the Five Star Senior Living community nearest you to schedule a private tour today!


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