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Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors

  • October 02, 2015

Everyone should have a personal disaster plan for natural disasters. For seniors, this is especially crucial. In the event of a hurricane, our goal is to ensure that those entrusted to our care are comfortable both during the hurricane and the aftermath of the storm. We work to accomplish this goal by implementing disaster plans that consider the worst case scenario.

In addition to our planning, we would like to share some tips for hurricane preparedness that we encourage seniors to do for themselves:

  • Be aware of impending danger, have a weather radio.
  • Know the government agencies that address disaster planning in your area. Contact them in advance regarding shelters and evacuation routes.
  • Keep your vehicle in good shape with a full gas tank. Bear in mind that traffic congestion will be an issue and that public modes of transportation may not be available. If you are no longer driving, arrange reliable transportation in advance. Your county emergency preparedness agency can usually give good advice on transportation.
  • Have a bag packed with several changes of clothing and necessary toiletries. You should also include snacks and bottled water. Place articles of clothing in plastic bags.
  • It is very important to have sufficient supplies of your prescription medication and a list of these medicines.
  • Remember to plan for other medical supplies, such as oxygen and other assistive devices like walkers.
  • Having an extra pair of prescription glasses is prudent.
  • Keep your personal identification cards including your Social Security card, Medicare identification card, and insurance card with you at all times.
  • Make sure to have contact information for family members and other individuals on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Place all documents in double bagged, resealable plastic bags for protection from water.
  • Consider having a cell phone with a charger and an extra battery. Keep the phone off in order to extend the battery life.
  • Remember that you will need money. Traveler’s checks are the best option and can be secured in advance.
  • Make arrangements for pets ahead of time. Food and water may be necessary. Pets should have identification tags and be micro-chipped if possible.

We are supplying these links to good resources for both Hurricane Preparedness and Disaster Preparedness. Remember that the impact and the aftermath of a Hurricane can reach far inland with flooding, wind, tornados and the shutdown of essential services. Our goal is to ensure that those entrusted to our care are comfortable during the hurricane and the aftermath of the storm. We want you to be safe and comfortable. These links have excellent information to help you plan:

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