Disaster Preparedness in Senior Living Communities

Disaster Preparedness in Senior Living Communities

  • January 16, 2018

Most of us have heard the old saying “you can’t fight Mother Nature.” It’s an adage that is true no matter where you reside. The west coast lives with the threat of forest fires and earthquakes. Residents in coastal regions know hurricanes are a possibility many months of the year. For those in northern climates, it’s snow and ice that can bring disaster. For senior living communities, keeping residents safe requires preparing for the worst.

How do senior living communities prepare for potential disasters?

By planning ahead and training team members well, senior living communities are ready in case disaster strikes.

Planning for Natural Disasters

We know safety is one reason older adults often chose to move to a senior living community. They and their families want the peace of mind that comes from knowing a community is safe and well-prepared.

From a thoughtfully designed environment to 24/7 caregivers on site at each location, we help seniors stay safe should the worst happen. Our disaster readiness includes:

  • Fire suppression systems combined with fire safety plans minimize the risk of injury in the unlikely event of a fire. Staff and residents practice fire drills on a routine basis.
  • Each community has an evacuation plan in place with back-up strategies for relocating residents and continuous delivery of resident care.
  • Team members undergo training on a variety of safety-related topics ranging from sheltering in place, to a loss of electricity or an interruption in the water supply.
  • Each community has a plan in place for communicating with local first responders. This includes notification of potential threats, such as severe weather.

Talk with Local Staff to Learn More

If you are just beginning your search for a senior living community for a loved one, make sure you ask those you are considering about their disaster plans. It will give you peace of mind to learn just how much time is devoted to planning and preparing for the worst. 

Call the Five Star Senior Living community nearest you to learn more about disaster planning today!

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