4 Myths about Senior Living Communities That Need to Go

4 Myths about Senior Living Communities That Need to Go

  • April 25, 2016

The words “senior living” may conjure up some outdated images in your mind. Maybe someone you know had a relative in an old-time nursing home years ago, or you watched a Hollywood flick that grossly misrepresented senior living. Either way, we want to finally debunk a few persistent myths around senior living.

After all, senior living is about LIVING: healthy living, comfortable living, enjoyable living. At Five Star Senior Living, we define it as a community in which you can live life to the fullest and where your independence is maximized.

So let’s put these myths to rest!

MYTH #1: Seniors Just Sit around All Day

We hear this persistent myth all the time. People tend to think that older adults who live in senior living communities primarily play Bingo and watch television all day.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Studies have shown that seniors stay healthier, more active and live longer in retirement communities than in their own home. The reason? Many senior living communities have regular wellness and fitness programs to keep residents active and healthy.

In fact, Five Star Senior Living’s Lifestyle360 is a holistic approach to life engagement that focuses on the physical health of seniors as well as the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual. Discover Five Star’s Lifestyle360.

MYTH #2: Seniors Lose Independence

At Five Star Senior Living, we help individuals preserve their independence. You should decide what you want to do and when. We are here to help our residents live their best lives!

Many communities also offer assisted living services, which give people the support and services they need, but only to the extent that they need it. Levels of care are based on an individual’s changing needs. We create an environment where independence and choice are enhanced and encouraged.

MYTH #3: Senior Living Spaces are Lonely and Bleak

Independent living apartments are like living in a condo, but with expanded services and a friendly, professional team—and no condo fees or long-term investments! Residents can choose to be as social and involved as they want to be.

Not only are the apartments beautiful and spacious, the rest of the community is a warm and inviting setting. At Five Star, we offer amenities like cozy libraries, exercise spaces and tastefully appointed living areas where you will be proud to invite friends and family to visit. 

MYTH #4: Meals are “Cafeteria” Bland

Another myth we hear too often is about the food. If you think senior living food is just “cafeteria” food, then you’ve never dined with us at a Five Star Senior Living community. 

At Five Star, we work with Chef Brad Miller, celebrated chef from shows on the Food Network, the Cooking Channel and VH1. He brings his exceptional skills and flair across all Five Star communities.

Watch Chef Brad in action by checking out videos and recipes.

Debunk the Myths

We hope we’ve helped debunk a few persistent myths around senior living. Whatever your preconceived notions are on the topic, Five Star Senior Living is making a difference by delivering superior quality with our personal touch Our residents and families deserve only the best. 

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