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Tips and Benefits of a Winter Move to Assisted Living

Tips and Benefits of a Winter Move to Assisted Living

Planning a move is a daunting task for everyone, especially older adults. This life adjustment takes plenty of planning and assistance to make it less stressful for everyone involved.

We tend to associate moving with warmer months, but sometimes a big move happens during the wintertime.

If your loved one is planning a move during the big chill, don’t fret. Check out the advantages and tips for moving in the cold.

A Chance to Get the Family Involved

The winter months are filled with holidays and cheer, bringing families together for plenty of celebrations. This is the perfect opportunity to help your senior loved one pack up their belonging and prepare for their move into a community like Five Star Senior Living Communities.

The Indiana winters can be brutal filled with cold air, snow and ice, which makes the added assistance from family extra helpful.

Extra hands also remove the burden from family members that may otherwise take care of the big move alone.

Plan Your Move Around the Weather Forecast

Not all predictions are accurate, but it’s still important to pay close attention to the weather forecast. If the local meteorologist calls for a major snowstorm, try to plan your senior loved one’s move on a different day.

This is especially important if you’re moving across the Hoosier state and longer drives are required.

Hire a Senior-Friendly Moving Service

Any move is easier with the help of professionals, especially during the wintertime. Caregivers benefit from reduced stress if they hire a professional service that specializes in moving seniors, like Two Men and a Truck.

Moving services vary from assisting with the transfer of large items to packing up older adults belongings and moving precious goods into their new homes.

Winter is the Best Time to Sell

The winter months are a great time to sell a home, according to Redfin.

Homes listed in the winter have a nine percentage point greater likelihood of selling, sell a week faster and sell for nearly one percentage point more relative to list price than homes listed in any other season, according to research performed by the site.

Winter is Lonely

Winter tends to be a lonely time, especially if an older adult lives alone. Moving to a Five Star Senior Living Community gives seniors an opportunity to mingle with neighbors and participate in planned activities.

The community atmosphere is a great opportunity for older adults to expand their social skills and make new friends.

Winter weather brings its own challenges, but this time of year also brings advantages when it comes to moving your senior loved one into a senior living community.

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