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The Surprising Affordability of Assisted Living

The Surprising Affordability of Assisted Living

It’s a persistent myth that only the wealthy can afford assisted living. Middle-income seniors may avoid exploring communities because they assume it isn’t financially feasible.

Some older adults choose to remain in their home because their mortgage is paid, even if they no longer feel safe doing so. They think aging in place is less expensive than moving to an assisted living community. When you factor in the care, services, and amenities typically included in assisted living, however, it adds up to a surprisingly affordable retirement option.

5 Reasons Assisted Living Is More Affordable Than You Think 

1. Well-balanced meals and snacks

Eating healthy can be difficult for seniors. If they’ve stopped driving, they may have trouble getting to the grocery store to buy fresh foods. They could rely on frozen meals and processed foods with a longer shelf life.

Other older adults think cooking for one or two is too much work. This is especially true for those who have health conditions that make meal preparation tasks, such as slicing and chopping, difficult.

In assisted living communities, healthy meals and snacks are included in the monthly fee. Most communities offer a variety of meal options each day. For example, at Five Star Senior Living, residents are part of our flexible MyChoice dining program. They are free to decide which dining room and foods they want to enjoy at every meal.

2. Maintenance-free living

Household repairs and maintenance can be both expensive and time consuming. For seniors, especially those who are a little unsteady on their feet, these tasks can be risky. Paying someone to handle chores like cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, and shoveling the sidewalks can really add up.

With a move to an assisted living community, worries about those types of household chores vanish. Everything from snow removal to appliance repair is included in the monthly fee. If you want housekeeping and laundry services, those are available too.

3. On-site wellness programs

Health and wellness are core programs at most assisted living communities. Depending upon the community, residents can participate in a variety of daily on-site wellness programs. You’ll find fitness centers, raised beds for gardening, yoga classes, walking programs, and much more.

Assisted living residents also benefit from on-site care. Professional caregivers can help with everything from medication administration and tracking to personal care and grooming needs.

4. Life enrichment opportunities

Seniors who live alone might feel disconnected and isolated, especially if they’ve given up driving. Isolation has been identified as a serious health risk for seniors. Assisted living communities offer residents a wide variety of life-enrichment activities to participate in every day. No more driving to the local gym to work out on a snowy day.

Art workshops, current events discussions, musical entertainment, game nights, computer classes, and religious offerings are just a few activities commonly hosted at assisted living communities. Outings to nearby restaurants, shops, and malls are also offered.

5. Transportation services

Finally, one of the more popular services offered by assisted living communities is transportation. For older adults who don’t feel safe driving or are tired of the expenses of having a car, an assisted living community’s transportation department is ideal.

Seniors won’t need to ask an adult child to take time off work to drive them to a doctor’s appointment or spend weekends running errands. The community’s transportation staff can make arrangements.

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