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Senior Living Promotes Healthy Aging

Senior Living Promotes Healthy Aging

Our Lifestyle360 program was designed with this in mind. It takes into consideration the Intellectual, Social, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual components of wellness that promote healthy aging. While not all senior living communities have special programs that support holistic wellness, there are plenty of ways that senior living promotes healthy aging.

The Benefits of a Senior Living Community

The benefits of a senior living community go well beyond providing shelter for older adults. Residents are able to do more than just survive, most actually thrive in this setting.
Aging in place, while often preferred, has some major setbacks that can contribute to a faster decline of overall health. Senior living, on the other hand, allows for more opportunities for healthy aging.
Rich Social Connections in Assisted Living
One of the benefits of a senior living community is the rich social connections that develop with your neighbors. Loneliness is a health risk factor for seniors who live alone. Research has shown that isolation can lead to depression, diabetes, obesity and more.
Senior living communities are called “communities” for a reason; they promote strong social bonds among residents and can lead to lifelong friendships that are deeply rewarding.
Well-Balanced Nutrition
Nutrition is important during every stage of life, but senior nutrition is especially vital for healthy aging. A quality senior living community will put much thought into their menu options, in order to provide seniors with a variety of healthy food options.
The Signature Dining experience at Five Star Senior Living communities ensures that all of our residents have delicious and nutritious meals to give them the energy they need to keep going throughout the day.
Round-the-Clock Help
Emergencies–medical or otherwise–can happen at any time. When you live alone, there’s never a guarantee that you will have quick access to help should you need it. One of the benefits of a senior living community is that you have access to help 24/7, should you need it.
This is especially important in situations where time is truly of the essence, such as with a stroke, heart attack, or hip fracture. The outcome can be changed for the better with immediate attention.
Senior-Friendly Designs
Many people who choose to age in place don’t realize that the homes they have lived in for the majority of their lives may have hidden dangers for seniors. Whether it’s navigating stairs, reaching for items in tall kitchen cupboards, or poor lighting, these are all factors that can lead to falls and potentially fatal injuries.
Instead of having to incur the expenses of retrofitting your home or an older loved one’s home to be more senior-friendly, consider a move to a senior living community. These communities are designed with older adults in mind. They offer all the comforts of home, but without the potential health risks.

Experience Senior Living Firsthand 

If you think the benefits of senior living communities sound too good to be true, schedule a visit with one of our Indiana communities to see for yourself. You’ll be able to meet current residents, sample the delicious food in our Signature Dining program, talk to the staff and view a resident apartment.
You can also arrange to visit during one of the many activities offered at our communities. Whether it’s a yoga class, card game, or book club, you’re guaranteed to find something you love.
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