Respite Options for the Traveling Caregiver

Jun 28, 2019
Respite Options for the Traveling Caregiver

As a caregiver, you work hard to ensure the well-being of your senior loved one. So it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by your duties sometimes. In fact, most physicians encourage family caregivers to take consistent breaks to care for themselves.

When you need time to recharge your batteries, you might want to consider respite care in Indiana for your senior loved one.

What are the benefits of respite care?

Respite care offers caregivers who are feeling worn out or who will be going on a vacation, a break from their duties. It also offers seniors a change of pace from their usual schedules and routines.

Caregivers who enlist the help of respite care services enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and well cared for. And that the senior will have the support of a quality team of experienced caregivers.

Respite can be used when the caregiver needs to take time out to:

  • Travel for work or enjoy a vacation
  • Spend time with friends and other family members
  • Recharge with some “me time”
  • Run errands or complete home improvement projects

Types of Respite Care Services

There are several different types of respite services. Depending on your loved one’s needs and the amount of time that you plan to be away, you might choose from the following options:

In-home care: Rather than move to an assisted living community, your senior can stay in his or her home and receive support in the privacy of their own living room or kitchen including:

  • A senior care companion to provide company and socialization
  • A health aide to assist with daily living activities, like bathing and dressing
  • A housekeeper to clean and do laundry
  • A personal chef to plan and prepare meals
  • A visiting nurse or other health care professional to assist with medication administration

Adult day center: These are day programs in community centers or churches that provide a safe and supervised place for seniors. An adult day center is open most days of the week for seniors to socialize, participate in activities, and eat meals. Transportation is often provided to and from the center.

Assisted living community: You might think of assisted living residences in Indiana only as a long-term senior care option. But Five Star Senior Living offers short-term stays for respite care. Respite care not only benefits the caregiver, but also the senior. Respite guests enjoy a warm and caring environment with a variety of stimulating and engaging activities to participate in. A respite stay can also be a great way to test out a senior living community for a permanent move.

Plan Ahead for a Respite Stay in Assisted Living

It’s always important to plan ahead when it comes to providing senior care, but it is especially so with respite care. Depending on the length of the stay, you might need to arrange for services well in advance. Call the Five Star community nearest you to learn more!

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