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Reopen Your Life, In A New Senior Living Community

Reopen Your Life, In A New Senior Living Community

The way we were. It used to be just the title of a song made famous by Barbra Streisand. Now it’s a longing for many. The way we used to go to the movies. The way we used to venture out. The way we used to gather with family and friends.

What do you miss the most about life before the pandemic? Spending time with others? Sharing meals out? Visiting family? There’s a common denominator to all of that: the spontaneous joy of living. According to “The Way We Were,” “It’s the laughter/we will remember.”

So here is some good news: You can laugh again. Your loved one whose life has been upended by the isolation brought on by COVID-19 can smile again. They can see friends. Family. Chef-prepared dinners out.

Because reopening your life is possible when one moves to a senior living community that is focused on living fully as well as living safely.

Living fully again with Five Star

Five Star Senior Living communities are an excellent example. Our program directors have devised safe ways for residents to enjoy themselves and each other. On any given day you can hear someone calling out, “Bingo!” or a book club discussing a recent novel, a toast being raised during Happy Hour or jokes being shared at an ice cream social, cries of “Such a good boy!” during a therapy dog visit, or the quiet strokes of brushes during an art class. You also may smile to yourself at overhearing a neighbor enjoying a safe family visit.

You might also hear the clink of silverware. Our dining services are opening up as guidelines allow, and we have been able to offer safe, socially distanced dining room options in some communities. We also offer individualized dining choices for a restaurant-style experience.

Through these and many other ways, Five Star residents get to live “the way they were” while following safety precautions, and they get to do it without having to worry about all the other mundane things that get in the way of joy and laughter, such as lawn care, property maintenance, appliance repairs and housekeeping. All told, senior living communities can be a very cost-effective way to meet the needs of aging adults while providing the active, social lifestyle they crave.

“I still do all the things I did before”

A top-quality senior living community offers a new way of life that can include the best of the old. One Five Star resident recently wrote about the new freedom she’s experiencing as she enjoys friends old—and new:

“No more worrying about taking care of a house, but living in a lovely apartment with caring staff and beautiful amenities. I still do all the things that I did before such as playing golf twice a week, church activities and getting together with friends from my now old community. But now I have all the wonderful things offered [here] and there are many fun things to do. You also meet lovely new neighbors.”

The chance to do it all again 

If you or someone you love would love to get back to the life you knew, check out senior living! Find out if there’s a Five Star community near you to learn more.

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