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National Volunteer Week: How to Connect with a Cause You Believe In

National Volunteer Week: How to Connect with a Cause You Believe In

<!–[CDATA[National Volunteer Week is here again! This annual celebration is designed to recognize and honor those who donate their time and talent to an organization or cause they believe in. The event is organized by the Points of Light Foundation and occurs the first full week of April each year. This year it will be celebrated from April 7–13.


We’ve previously shared information about the health benefits for seniors who volunteer. From fewer incidences of depression to lower blood pressure, older volunteers reap many health rewards

If you are a retiree looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity, we have a few suggestions to help you connect. 

Exploring Volunteer Opportunities for Retirees

  • Reflect on what means the most to you: Is there something you feel passionate about but have never had the opportunity to support? You aren’t alone. When you are busy working and raising a family, time can be very limited. Take time to reflect on what you find to be important in life. For example, if you love animals, you could research local shelters and animal rights organizations. Research them online or call directly to see what volunteer opportunities are available. 
  • Talk with fellow seniors: Your peers might know of volunteer organizations that welcome seniors. Ask around—including on social media—to see which friends volunteer and if they have any suggestions for you.
  • Call your local United Way agency: Most United Way organizations maintain a list of local volunteer opportunities. It might be long-term volunteer work or a one-time group project that needs help. 
  • Don’t limit yourself: Don’t let a perceived lack of skills hold you back from exploring volunteer opportunities. Many organizations are happy to train volunteers who are willing to learn. 
  • Online volunteer databases: Several organizations maintain an online database of volunteer opportunities that seniors can use to search for ideas. Volunteer Match and Create the Good are two examples. In addition to local volunteer projects, both also maintain virtual volunteer opportunities for older adults who may have mobility challenges or lack transportation.

Five Star Senior Living Welcomes Volunteers

At Five Star communities across the country, you’ll find a variety of volunteer opportunities. From sharing your musical talent to assisting with a special event, our communities welcome individual and groups of volunteers. 

Call us today at (853) 457-8271 to learn more about volunteer opportunities at a community near you. We’d love to have you join our volunteer force!

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