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Meaningful Gifts for the Family Caregiver

Meaningful Gifts for the Family Caregiver

When a friend you love is the family caregiver for a senior they love, buying a holiday gift that shows you empathize with their struggle can present a bit of a challenge. Anyone who has watched a caregiver try to juggle all of their responsibilities knows that the role is exhausting and overwhelming many days.

Caregiving can also have an impact on the caregiver’s own family finances. They often incur unplanned expenses at the very time they are cutting back on the number of hours they work outside the home to allow them to care for their loved one.

What can you do to care for the caregiver in your life during the holidays?

We have a few suggestions for you to consider.

Gift Ideas for the Family Caregiver

  1. Maid Service: Caregivers often put their own household chores last on the list of things to do. But it may bother them that the hardwood floors need cleaned or the windows need washed. A great holiday gift might be maid service for a day or once a month all year long. Whatever you can afford will no doubt be appreciated.
  2. Spa Day: Another great gift idea might be for you to stay with your friend’s senior loved one while they enjoy a spa day you arrange for them. It might be something as simple as a pedicure or manicure at a local salon. Busy caregivers rarely take time to allow someone to pamper them.
  3. Gift of Time: For busy caregivers, there are never enough hours in the day. Create a coupon book full of vouchers they can trade in when they need a helping hand. It might make it easier for them to ask for help if you do. Consider creating coupons for things like picking up the dry cleaning, dropping the kids off at soccer practice or enjoying a latte and sweet treat at your local coffee shop.
  4. Schedule a Caregiver’s Day Out: Plan an outing for you and your friend enjoy together. It could be lunch and a movie or a shopping trip and happy hour. Don’t forget to investigate respite care services so they don’t have to worry about leaving their senior loved one alone while they go out and enjoy themselves.

    The bottom line is that the best holiday gifts for caregivers are probably ones that help them manage the stress and strain juggling from so many responsibilities in a day creates.

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