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How Senior Living Communities Help Seniors Thrive

How Senior Living Communities Help Seniors Thrive

As we grow older, where we live plays an important role in how well we age. Companionship helps prevent isolation which in turn, can help you avoid or delay developing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and depression. 

Having easy access to social and wellness activities is also vital. Being surrounded by peers to laugh and commiserate with give purpose and meaning to the day.

What other benefits does a senior living community offer?

The list is a long one!

The Benefits of Life at a Senior Living Community

Here are just a few reasons why it might be time to consider a move: 

  1. Opportunity to socialize and make new friends: Isolation has officially been declared a health risk to seniors. In fact, researchers say it is even tied to early mortality. Senior living communities provide older adults an opportunity to meet new people and make meaningful connections. 
  2. Support to remain independent: Older adults who move to a senior living community from a private home often find it to be the best of two worlds. They are free from the burdens of home ownership —no more snow shoveling or mowing the lawn—but still have a private apartment or suite to call their own. Most communities also offer assistance with other daily tasks ranging from housekeeping to medication reminders.
  3. Life enrichment activities: Senior living communities offer residents a wide range of activities and events to participate in every day. At Five Star communities, for example, we offer our Lifestyle360 program. Through it we help promote intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Residents can go on day trips to local destinations, attend morning devotionals, tackle a new hobby, or join in a spirited game of cards. 
  4. Transportation services: One of the most popular services offered at senior living communities is transportation. Many residents find it easier and less expensive to leave the driving to someone else. They can hang up the keys knowing they still have a way of getting where they need to go, whether it is a shopping trip to a local mall or an appointment with their dentist or doctor.
  5. Well-balanced meals: Another task you can leave behind when you move is grocery shopping and meal preparation. While most of our residents have small kitchenettes in their apartments, they no longer need to cook if they chose not to. Our chef-inspired meals are both nutritious and delicious. 
  6. Thoughtful environment: Older adults who move from private home to an independent or assisted living community are often surprised to discover how much safer they feel. The environments are thoughtfully designed to lower the risk for a fall or other injury. No more stairs to climb. Handrails in hallways. Grab bars in the bathrooms and at the bedside. Emergency call systems throughout the community. 
  7. Peace of mind: The peace of mind that comes from moving to a senior living community is another benefit. Adult children also appreciate knowing someone is always nearby if their loved one needs assistance. 

The bottom line is a senior living community does more than just provide a place for older adults to live. They promote good nutrition, physical fitness, spiritual awareness, socialization, and independence. For older adults, it all adds up to a productive, engaged lifestyle. 

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