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How Isolation Can Put a Senior at Risk

How Isolation Can Put a Senior at Risk

Isolation is a common problem among older adults. Limited mobility and a lack of transportation are two reasons seniors may struggle to stay engaged with the world around them. While health professionals have identified isolation as a risk factor for depression, researchers have discovered mental health isn’t the only thing at risk. 

Risks Associated with Isolation Among Seniors

Becoming a Victim of Fraud

Financial well-being can be impacted when a senior is disengaged from their community. An older adult might fall victim to a telemarketing scam, a door-to-door con artist, or even identity theft. Researchers say that lonely older adults are more willing to listen to sales pitches and other deceptive practices than engaged seniors.

Increased Health Problems 

An additional risk of isolation involves the health of an aging loved one. Research shows that seniors who experience prolonged periods of isolation are more likely to develop serious health problems. Older adults who become isolated in later life are also more likely to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods can be as dangerous for seniors as smoking!

These problems can include:

  • Alcohol abuse or drug misuse
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain and obesity

Senior Living Communities Promote Socialization

Among the many benefits of moving to a senior living community is the abundance of opportunities to socialize. Residents can engage with their peers in a variety of settings:

  • Informal gatherings in common areas throughout the community
  • Shared meals in the community’s dining room or bistro
  • Life-enrichment activities offered every day
  • Wellness programs ranging from water aerobics to chair yoga
  • Outings to local destinations including shopping malls, theatres, and restaurants
  • Volunteer opportunities with fellow residents

A New Approach to Resident Wellness

At Five Star Senior Living, we understand how important it is for older adults to stay active and engaged. That’s why we created Lifestyle360. Through this holistic approach to wellness, we commit to offering residents at least one activity each day that engages each of the five dimensions of wellness:

  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social

Get an insider’s view of the life-enrichment activities that take place in our communities every day by following us on Facebook. You can see photos and videos of our residents as they live their lives to the fullest! You can also schedule a personal tour at the Five Star community nearest you. Call us at (617) 796-8387 to set up a time today!


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