Helpful Tools and Resources for Family Caregivers

Jun 28, 2019
Helpful Tools and Resources for Family Caregivers
When an aging parent needs extra help, adult children often pitch in to provide support. One child might handle medical appointments, while another handles keeping prescriptions filled and bills paid. While it helps to be part of a caregiving team, keeping everything organized and everyone updated can become a challenge. 


Fortunately, advances in technology have made it easier for adult children and family caregivers to stay on track. 

Tools to Support Family Caregivers

Helpful tools range from smart phone apps to manage health files to video chat services and electronic pill dispensers.

  • Video chat: Being able to see a parent’s face every day can provide caregivers with an opportunity to assess their condition. Family members can see if they look a little disheveled or if their face is flushed from a fever. Video chat services also allow you to have a virtual conversation with your senior loved one every day. Skype is free and easy to use, especially on a tablet device. 

There’s an app for everything these days, and that includes caregiving. Here are a few that earn good reviews from families:

  • Health Tracker: A free app for storing health information, Health Tracker can make it easier for each member of the caregiving team to access and update a parent’s important health information. Caregivers can enter vital information like blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight. You can also print reports or email them directly to a physician.
  • MyMedical: Another comprehensive medical record app, MyMedical gives families a place to store the senior’s entire health file. From x-rays and test results to vital signs and immunization records, this smart phone app offers a free trial period to allow adult children an opportunity to try it out before buying. You can also email files with the click of a button.
  • CareZone: Like the apps mentioned above, CareZone offers a broad base of features to help seniors and families manage a loved one’s care. You can create and share medication lists, set up reminder alerts for medication dosages, and keep a journal of the senior’s symptoms.

Another struggle family caregivers encounter is how to keep a parent on track with their medication schedule. A few medication management tools that can help include the following:

  • Electronic pill dispensers: Today’s pill dispensers offer many more features than older ones. This makes managing medication easier and safer. Electronic pill dispensers can sound alerts, open the right box for the current medication, send a text to family if a dose is missed, and much more. These systems often utilize wireless technologies to make it even more convenient.
  • Medication reminder apps: Sometimes a senior needs a reminder to take their medication. There are several apps to help with that, including Dosecast and Mango Health.

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