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Common Myths That Keep Older Adults from Moving to Senior Living

Common Myths That Keep Older Adults from Moving to Senior Living

Today’s older adults have a wide variety of senior housing options to consider. There are choices tailored to meet every desire and need. But outdated or downright inaccurate myths about senior living communities still persist. These myths may cause a senior who would greatly benefit from moving to a community to avoid doing so. 

In an effort to separate the facts from the myths when it comes to senior living, we are addressing a few of the most common ones.

Dispelling Common Myths About Senior Living 

Myth: Senior living communities are boring places to live.

Fact: This is far from true! In addition to opportunities for informal gatherings, residents in senior living communities have a wide variety of life enrichment activities and outings to enjoy every day.

At Five Star communities, for example, residents benefit from our Lifestyle360 program. It’s designed to provide residents with activities that nurture the body, mind, and spirit. You’ll find everything from watercolor workshops to yoga and book clubs happening every day. 

Myth: Senior living communities are so expensive only wealthy people can afford them.

Fact: When you factor in the personal care, services, and amenities that are usually included in the monthly fee at a senior living community, it becomes easier to see what a cost-effective solution it can be. 

We encourage seniors and their families to remember that even when the mortgage is paid off, there are still many costs associated with maintaining an older adult’s home. Cable, utilities, lawn care, snow removal, insurance, property tax, maintenance, repairs, and groceries are just a few. 

If a senior is having a tough time keeping up, you might also need to pay an aide to assist with housekeeping, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. The older adult may also require personal care assistance, such as help bathing and dressing. 

Then there are miscellaneous expenses such as health club memberships and transportation. These may go away with a move to a senior community.

Myth: The food is awful in senior living communities.

Fact: This is another myth that needs busting! Senior living communities often have a chef who oversees their dining program. At Five Star, we are fortunate enough to have celebrity chef, Brad Miller, as a part of our team. He helps the chefs at our local communities develop meal plans that are delicious, as well as nutritious. 

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