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Brain Aerobics: Tips for Exercising Your Grey Matter

Brain Aerobics: Tips for Exercising Your Grey Matter

Brain aerobics can do for your brain what walking and Chair Yoga can do for your body. Giving your grey matter a good workout can help keep your brain healthy and guard against memory loss.

So just what can you do to give your brain a real workout?

We have some tips to help you get your workout started.

6 Ways You Can Boost Your Brain Power

From tackling a new language to keeping up with world events, here’s what you can do to give your brain a boost:

  1. Learn a New Hobby or Skill. Tackling a new and different hobby is a great way to stimulate your brain. Foreign languages, art classes, cooking classes and learning a new musical instrument can all help give your brain a workout.
  2. Switch Hands. Are you familiar with Neurobics? This is when you try to complete tasks with your non-dominate hand. If you are right-handed, you could try scrubbing the counters down with your left hand. Or try teaching yourself to brush your teeth with your right hand if you are a leftie. Neurobics are one more avenue for stretching your brain.
  3. Fun and Games. While research is mixed on this topic, some Alzheimer’s experts believe playing games and working puzzles can help maintain brain health. Enjoying a round or two of cards with friends or a game of Uno or Candyland can be a fun way to keep those neurons firing.
  4. Turn Left Instead of Right. Routine can be dangerous for the brain. When you do the same things the same way every day your brain isn’t challenged. It slips in to “autopilot.” Look for opportunities to shake up your daily schedule. Take a different route to church. Find a different path for your morning walk.
  5. Engage in Current Events. Keeping up with current events and engaging in healthy debate with friends are great brain booster activities.
  6. Read Every Day. Finally, make reading a part of your daily life. It might be by downloading ebooks from the library on your tablet device or reading the local newspaper online.

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