7 Benefits of an Assisted Living Community

Jun 28, 2019
7 Benefits of an Assisted Living Community
There are many stereotypes about assisted living communities. Those inaccurate ideas about what a community is --and isn’t --are often evident when a senior and their family visit for the first time. Families are surprised to see how active and engaged with life the residents are.


Today’s senior living communities definitely aren’t the sterile environments of the past. In fact, most look and feel more like an upscale resort or condominium community. But the physical, emotional and safety benefits of moving to an assisted living community are what separate them from other types of housing.

Benefits of an Assisted Living Community

Here are just a few of the benefits a senior who moves to a senior living community will enjoy:

  1. Safe, secure environment: Seniors who move to an assisted living community, especially those who move from an older home, benefit from a supportive physical environment. No more uneven stairs to climb. Common areas, bathrooms and stairways are well lit. Handrails and grab bars are safely installed in hallways and bathrooms. An emergency call system means help is available with the push of a button.
  2. Well-balanced meals: Improved nutrition is another advantage of a senior living community. No more worries about grocery shopping and meal preparation because all meals are included. Restaurant style dining makes meal time more relaxed and enjoyable.
  3. New friendships: Newer research shows that seniors who are isolated and lonely experience more health problems and even an earlier mortality. Assisted living communities provide older adults with an opportunity to make new friends and spend time with people who understand and may be experiencing similar age-related challenges.
  4. Transportation: Another challenge older adults often face is transportation. Some seniors might realize they are no longer safe driving, but don’t have any other means of getting to physician appointments or the grocery store. Most assisted living communities offer transportation services.
  5. Life enrichment activities: Residents of a senior living community have a wide variety of programs and activities to take advantage of every day. From theater outings to card groups and wellness programs, life enrichment is a big part of daily life.
  6. Hassle-free living: Seniors who move to an assisted living community are able to spend their time as they choose, free from the worries of home repairs and maintenance. No more struggle to keep the lawn mowed or the snow shoveled!
  7. Peace of mind: Finally, older adults and their families gain peace of mind knowing they are in a safe place with help nearby in case of an emergency. Seniors don’t have to worry that they are a burden to their adult children who are often busy with their own families and jobs.

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