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6 Ways Senior Housing Promotes Better Health for Older Adults

6 Ways Senior Housing Promotes Better Health for Older Adults

Adult children are often surprised to see how much an aging parent’s health and well-being improve after they move to a senior living community. While many recognize the safety benefits of a senior housing community, there are a host of other benefits that come from making this type of move.

From improved nutrition to medication support, here are a few of the benefits of senior living communities:

  1. Opportunities for wellness: Not only do residents have a wide range of life enrichment activities—think watercolor classes and movie nights—to enjoy but also health and wellness programs. Tai Chi, yoga, walking clubs, swimming, and more give residents many options for daily fitness.
  2. Avoid isolation: Research shows that older adults who are isolated experience higher incidences of depression, diabetes, cardiac disease, and more. The social atmosphere of a senior living community allows residents to stay active and engaged. That leads to a better all-around quality of life.
  3. Healthy nutrition: Seniors who live at home often struggle with meal preparation or coming up with healthy meals for one person. Within a few weeks of moving to a senior living community, families often notice that a loved one’s health improves. A better diet translates to a healthier person.
  4. Medication management: Mistakes with medication are one of the leading reasons older adults end up in a hospital emergency room. It might be for taking too much of one medication while overlooking another or for forgetting to take any at all. Senior living communities have medication management systems to keep residents safely on track with their prescribed medications.
  5. Safer environment: Seniors often live in the same home for many decades. Most older homes weren’t designed with the needs of an aging adult in mind. From a laundry room in the basement to poor lighting and inaccessible bathrooms, staying at home can be hazardous for seniors. By contrast, a senior living community is designed with safety in mind. Grab bars, handrails, step-free showers, wider doorways, and emergency call systems are just a few standard safety features.
  6. On-site caregivers: Senior living communities offer older adults and their family members peace of mind. When caregivers are on-site around the clock, residents have access to a helping hand whenever they need it. Sometimes it’s the middle of the day, and other times it’s the middle of the night.

The best way to learn more about senior living is with an in-person tour. Our communities extend an open invitation to older adults and their families to visit at their convenience. With more than 270 communities in over 30 states, there’s probably a Five Star Senior Living community near you!

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