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6 Things That Make Assisted Living Affordable

6 Things That Make Assisted Living Affordable

If you or an older adult in your life are considering a move to an assisted living community, you might be concerned about the costs. One of the many myths about assisted living is that it is only for the wealthy. In reality, these communities can be a cost-effective and affordable type of senior housing.

To help you separate the facts from the misconceptions about assisted living costs, we are highlighting the services and amenities that make this housing option one to consider.

Why Assisted Living is More Affordable Than You Think

  1. Utilities costs are included: If you’ve owned or rented a home before, you know that utilities can take a big bite out of a budget. Even if the mortgage is paid in full, energy and water costs can continue to climb. In an assisted living community, utilities ranging from the electric bill to cable are included.
  2. No more cooking: One reason seniors choose to move to an assisted living community is the dining services program. All meals and snacks are included. While many assisted living apartments have a small kitchenette, residents don’t have to use it unless they choose to. No more worries about grocery shopping and meal preparation!
  3. On-site wellness programs are standard: Another added benefit of an assisted living community is the focus on wellness. Depending upon the community you choose, programs ranging from water aerobics to yoga and walking groups are available. No more health club fees to worry about paying each month.
  4. Maintenance and housekeeping are included: The upkeep of a home can be expensive, especially for older adults who are no longer able to complete tasks themselves. No more paying for lawn care, snow removal, furnace repair, and help with housework. All of these services are included in the monthly fee.
  5. Give up the car: Owning and maintaining a car is another expense you can leave behind. Most assisted living communities have transportation services available. That means you’ll save on car-related expenses including the cost of the vehicle, gas, oil, and insurance. 
  6. Life enrichment activities: The chance to participate in daily life enrichment programs and events is another common reason many seniors choose assisted living. From game and movie nights to art classes, musical programs, and book clubs—the opportunities to learn and grow are numerous. Most activities are free for all residents.

Funding Solutions for Assisted Living

If you are concerned about how to finance a move to assisted living for yourself or a loved one, we have a resource you will find helpful. Download the Five Star Senior Living Funding Guide to learn more about potential financing options. You can also call us directly at 617-796-8387 to speak with an experienced senior living advisor. 

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