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5 Ways Senior Transportation Empowers Older Adults

5 Ways Senior Transportation Empowers Older Adults

You’ve always taken great pride in being able to get yourself to where you want to go, whether it’s picking up the grandkids from school or walking to the grocery store with your neighbor. When needs change and it’s harder to access reliable transportation, though, it’s important to find new ways to get around so you can stay on the go. Maybe you’ve hung up the car keys and started asking family members to shuttle you to appointments. You may feel like you’re losing your independence, but with senior transportation options, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, the change offers the chance to experience getting around with an ease, freedom and dependability you may not have had before. With senior transportation, an essential aspect of active senior living, you can continue to do the things you love and live life to your fullest. Here are five ways senior transportation can help you do just that:

More freedom and flexibility

Losing access to transportation can lead to feelings of loneliness since you may not be able to participate in activities, or see friends, as easily as you once did. With the ease of scheduling and access to local destinations senior transportation provides, though, you can take care of errands, make that doctor’s appointment and meet your pals out for dinner on your time. Having the freedom to leave the home when you choose is crucial to a fulfilling quality of life and the flexibility of senior transportation can help get you there.

Safe, accessible service you can count on

Health issues may mean you need to stop driving, but that doesn’t mean you have to slow down your active lifestyle. Senior transportation provides a safe, accessible way to get around thanks to experienced drivers and special accommodations for those using wheelchairs.

Affordable and reliable

Car maintenance can get expensive, and it sure doesn’t help that gas prices are higher these days. No need to worry about car breakdowns or trips to the auto shop with senior transportation, though. Plus, senior transport services are often included in the cost of senior living communities so you can keep more of that money in your pocket instead of spending it on filling the tank.

Less reliance on family caregivers

Losing access to transportation often leads to leaning on family members for rides, particularly if you’ve moved into their home. Senior transportation can alleviate that need by providing a way for you to take control of your own schedule and get around when loved ones aren’t available.

Reduced isolation and a more connected senior lifestyle

Isolation and feelings of loneliness are common in older adults, especially those who live alone or have lost a spouse. Not being able to easily visit friends and family due to immobility can compound those feelings. That’s why senior transportation doesn’t just provide an option for getting to necessities like doctor’s appointments, but also gatherings like a grandchild’s piano recital, a walking group at the park or a Christmas tree lighting downtown with friends that give your life meaning and joy.

Stay connected and independent with Five Star transportation

At Five Star Senior Living, we know that having the freedom to access the world outside our communities with safe, dependable transportation is key to a happy, healthy and connected lifestyle. That’s why our residents can take advantage of our shuttle service for errands, appointments, and outings to local destinations and events. With so many amenities available inside our communities, though, including dining, fitness classes, beauty parlors, chapels, movie theaters and more, you may find you can get much of what you need without hopping on a shuttle to get there. The best part? It’s included in the cost of senior living, so you won’t see any added fees on your one, simple monthly payment. Find a community near you to learn more about how Five Star can get you where you need to go from a community that feels just like home.

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