5 Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Mar 06, 2020
5 Benefits of a Senior Living Community

 These communities are a great place to retire to with many options for entertainment, education, fine dining, and wellness.

Even if you or your loved one is fully independent – and plan to remain that way for decades – a senior living community offers life enrichment activities, companionship, and convenience all on beautifully manicured grounds.

But a continuing care retirement community provides much more than just camaraderie with other mature adults and the convenience of a living arrangement where maintenance and amenities are included.

Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons more than 1 million older adults live in senior communities – and why that number is on the rise.
Getting to Know Modern Senior Living Communities

1.  Flexible living arrangements that can change with your needs

If the time comes that you or your loved one should need additional care, including memory care for Alzheimer’s disease,  you may be able to receive that care without moving. And if you do need to move to a different apartment or building, you’ll remain in the community you’ve grown to know and love, with all the on-site amenities you enjoy.

2. On-site Wellness Experts

Many senior living communities also offer a variety of fitness and nutrition programs. In addition to assistance with the activities of daily living, most communities are dedicated to resident health and wellness.
Our Lifestyle360 program, for example, focuses on caring for the body, mind and spirit as you grow older.  From chef-prepared meals to daily wellness activities, we help residents stay in tune with the five dimensions of wellness: intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.

Whether you need physical therapy, want the benefits of therapeutic massage, or simply have a wellness check-up with a primary physician, don’t worry about getting transportation to and from. Most communities have in-house transportation services.

3. Say good-bye to expensive, time-consuming home maintenance

If you or your loved one has owned their own home for decades, you understand the challenges of being a homeowner. If a toilet overflows, your heat or air conditioner breaks, or your home’s systems need routine maintenance, you’re responsible for the costs and the hassle.

Forget about finding contractors you can trust or relying on the kindness of friends or family to help with home repairs. Everything from repairs to routine maintenance, lawn care and snow shoveling is taken care of for you.

4. Enjoy a variety of dining experiences

Senior living communities offer a wide range of dining options – from quick food service to fine dining. Residents will find regional favorites with locally sourced ingredients, healthy choices, and comfort foods.

And if you prefer to cook for yourself?

Whip up a meal or invite friends for dinner as many independent living apartments like those at Five Star Senior Living offer fully equipped kitchens. Take advantage of on-site cooking classes and then apply what you learned in your own home.

5. Expand your horizons with adult education

From yoga to computers, senior living communities offer daily life enrichment activities. Make new friends who share similar interests or take up a new hobby – all steps away from your front door.
The classes at Five Star Senior Living communities are part of our Lifestyle360 program, which emphasizes the educational, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our residents.

It’s All Included

If you were to pay for individual adult education classes, a gym membership, community pool membership with aquatic classes, and all the other amenities a senior living community offers, along with health care services, fine dining, and social activities, you’d realize the costs add up quickly.

Many of the services offered in senior communities are included as part of a resident’s monthly fee. When you add up the amenities, convenience, and services, you’ll find that a move to a senior community is not just a good lifestyle choice; it’s a good financial decision, too. 

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