Turning the Page: Delicious Recipes Inspired by Legendary Authors

Turning the Page: Delicious Recipes Inspired by Legendary Authors
A Culinary Experience Celebrating Lifestyle360 & Bridge to Rediscovery

This year, we’re celebrating our wonderful programs with signature recipes from our Five Star chefs. In January, we’re exploring the intellectual aspect of cooking with recipes inspired by legendary authors. Our very own Chef Quinton Branson, Food & Beverage Director from Parkwood Village and the Landing, has compiled a list of his favorite authors and some delicious dishes based on their life stories. Join us in a toast to lifelong learning!

Meet the Chef

Chef Quinton Branson
Food and Beverage Director of Parkwood Village and the Landing

ChefQuinton.JPGChef Quinton Branson was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Greenville, North Carolina where he graduated high school. While attending school, he opened up Corner Stop Café for the students and staff. With a passion for cooking, he helped his mother cater for many years – cooking, making sales, and delivering food to many customers. He then took a job as a dishwasher at Cypress Glen United Methodist Retirement Community. Through his hard work he became a line server, then a baker, and moved up to be a manager for eight years. In 2012, he began working for Five Star Senior Living at Parkwood Village and The Landing as a cook. After five years of dedicated service, he became the Food and Beverage Director. Chef Quinton is currently continuing his education to better serve his residents at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

My motto is simple – food isn’t good if it’s not cooked from the heart. I love preparing my specialties for our residents, including broccoli and cheese soup, potato soup, chicken rice soup, fried chicken, pork BBQ, strawberry delight, molasses pudding, and bread pudding, just to name a few.

Featured Authors & Recipes


Jack London

Shrimp and Corn Chowder
Famous 1900's Salad
Vanilla Pound Cake


Bernard Clayton Jr.

L'aido Boulido
(Boiled Water Soup)


John Steinbeck

Pork and Pozole
with Chipotles

J.D. Salinger

Classic Roast Beef


Willa Cather




Walt Whitman

Coffee Cake

Jack Kerouac

Apple Pie