Tips for Making a Smooth Transition to Senior Living

Tips for Making a Smooth Transition to Senior Living
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Luckily, there are steps you can take before the move that can help reduce the anxiety your senior loved one may be feeling. These tips can help ensure a smooth transition into their new home and make your whole family feel more comfortable about this change.
Tips for a Smooth Transition to Senior Living
Change is not always easy, but most people can’t get through life without experiencing it. Being prepared, however, can have a very positive impact on the overall outcome.
Here are a few ways you can prepare the senior you love for a move to a senior living community:
  1. Start Downsizing Early. After a lifetime of accumulating stuff, it can be hard--but also rewarding--to let go and purge. With so many emotions attached to the things they’ve acquired, hiring a senior move manager can save your family the time and aggravation of doing it yourselves. In some cases, senior move managers can organize a moving sale for the items your senior loved one won’t be bringing to their new apartment. The proceeds can give your loved one a little extra spending money during this transition.
  2. Community Networking. Once your family member has signed the paperwork for their new home in a senior living community, there’s no reason why they should wait to start attending community events. Participating in community events and activities before the move is a great way to meet new people and make new friends!
  3. Schedule Family Visits. To ease the anxiety leading up to this move, be sure to establish a schedule for friends and family to visit after the move. This helps avoid have too many visitors one day and no one on other days. Once the senior is settled and enjoying their new life, you probably won’t need to be there as often.
Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Whether you are doing the moving or you are helping a senior loved one move, being proactive in the weeks leading up to the move can take some of the stress and anxiety out of the situation. Sign up to receive regular updates from our Five Star blog to have helpful tips sent directly to your inbox every week.