Senior Living Transition: How to Make Parting with a Home Easier

Senior Living Transition: How to Make Parting with a Home Easier
Moving to a new home is often difficult no matter what your age. But for seniors, who may have raised a family in the current house, the transition can be very emotional. The years of memories that were made there might keep an older adult from relocating even though it is in their best interest to do so.

Finding meaningful ways to honor the senior’s emotional attachment to their home is important.

Making It Easier for an Older Adult to Leave Their Home

These tips can help make the transition from a family home to a senior living community go more smoothly:

1. Memorialize their current home.

One way you can make things easier for your family member is to create a scrapbook or video of the special occasions and everyday life that took place in their house. This helps preserve their memories and gives them something to watch when they miss their home. Sites like Canva and Smilebox are simple to use for documenting cherished memories.

2. Plan a going away party.

While it might feel overwhelming to do when you are busy packing up a house, taking time to celebrate the joy the house brought can be important for moving forward. The celebration doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. It could be something as simple as a make-your-own-sundae bar, where you ask guests to bring a favorite topping or two. Request that family and friends come prepared to share a favorite memory or picture of a time they visited the house.

3. Bring a favorite perennial or bird house to their new home.

An older adult might find it easier to part with their old house if they can take a piece of it with them. Talk with the staff at the senior living community they are moving to about planting one of their favorite perennials from their old yard outside their new apartment window. The same holds true for a bird house. They can hang it outside their new living room or kitchen window to continue to enjoy.

Finally, remember to be kind and understanding. This is a big transition and it will likely come with many emotional highs and lows. Being patient with your senior loved one will help them feel heard and understood.

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