Assisted Living 101: What Adult Children Should Know

Assisted Living 101: What Adult Children Should Know
The last few months of the year are typically busy in assisted living communities! That includes visits from seniors and their families who are searching for a community to move to before winter begins. During these family visits, we often hear many of the same questions. We know there is a lot to learn when it comes to understanding your options and making an educated decision.


If you and your family are searching for an assisted living community, you’ll likely find the answers to these popular questions to be helpful.

Commonly Asked Questions About Assisted Living Communities

Q: My dad has been living alone since my mother passed away two years ago. His diet is awful and his health has suffered as a result. He’s also a very picky eater. While my dad does need a little help with his personal care, our priority is to find an assisted living community with healthy food he will eat! What are the dining options at assisted living communities?

A: A quality assisted living community will have a dining program with food that is both nutritious and delicious. Some have chefs on staff who oversee menu planning and meal preparation. Be sure to ask about that.

It sounds like your dad needs a community that offers a flexible dining program like the MyChoice Dining program at Five Star. That will allow him to choose not only what community dining location he prefers, but what menu option sounds good to him.

Q: My grandfather was a veteran who served his country for many years. He is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and needs an assisted living community. We’d like to find one that has a memory care program for when his disease progresses. His budget is a little tight. Do you know of any special sources of funding for veterans?

A: The Veterans Administration has funding available to help finance senior care for veterans and their surviving spouses. It is referred to as the Aid & Attendance Benefit. For veterans who qualify, it can make a big difference in financing assisted living. We encourage you to call the Five Star Senior Living community near you to learn more about these benefits.

Q: My 84-year-old mother needs assisted living. The catch is she has a small dog she is very attached to. A friend told her assisted living communities don’t allow pets, so we can’t get her to even talk about moving. Is it true that assisted living communities won’t take pets?

A: Many assisted living communities are pet-friendly. While a pet deposit will likely be required, we understand that pets are family members, too! Most communities have restrictions on sizes and breeds, but a small dog like your mother’s will usually be welcome.

Q: Does a senior who needs help with their medication qualify for an assisted living community or are nursing homes the only care centers that can help with medication management?

A: It is a popular misconception that nursing homes are the only communities that can assist seniors with their medication. In reality, it’s one of the most utilized services in an assisted living community.

Q: Will my parents’ Medicare help finance assisted living?

A: Unfortunately, Medicare only covers healthcare expenses. That means it will pay for a senior’s stay in a hospital or short-term rehabilitation center. Because assisted living communities are considered to offer custodial care (personal care support, medication management, and support with activities of daily life), Medicare will not help with financing.

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