5 Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs More Help Than You Can Provide

5 Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs More Help Than You Can Provide
Loved ones often become caregivers for a senior family member. It usually begins with small tasks, such as handling lawn care or picking up groceries. As the elder’s health declines, their needs increase. Families may struggle to safely manage their care. It can be exhausting and overwhelming for all involved.

If you are wondering if it’s time to consider assisted living, we have a few questions you can ask yourself.

Is It Time for Assisted Living?

While an older adult can benefit from an assisted living community’s services and amenities at any age, as needs increase there are signs it’s time to make a change.

1. Is the caregiver’s personal health suffering?

Being responsible for a loved one’s well-being is a big job. Caregiving’s around-the-clock demands are often physically and emotionally exhausting. It can lead to health issues for the caregiver, including back aches, digestive issues, and migraines. If your health is declining, it might be time to explore local assisted living communities.

2. Has the older adult become isolated?

When a senior has mobility challenges, it can take considerable effort for them to leave home. Isolation and loneliness may be the result. Unfortunately, isolation is considered a serious health risk for seniors. It can lead to health issues ranging from depression to heart disease. By moving to a more accessible environment, a senior can make friends more easily and participate in on-site activities and events.

3. Is the senior’s environment putting them at risk for a fall?

Most homes aren’t designed with seniors’ unique needs in mind. This is especially true for older houses. Uneven stair treads, poor lighting, absence of sturdy handrails, and difficult-to-access bathtubs all create fall hazards. Research shows falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults. If your senior loved one is having trouble with balance, a move to a safer environment might be best.

4. Are you or your family elder suffering from poor nutrition?

When a caregiver’s days are overly busy, it’s easy to turn to convenience and fast foods. For seniors, especially those struggling with medical issues, cooking healthy feels like too much work. Good nutrition is essential for both the senior and the caregiver to fight off injury and illness. If you are having a tough time keeping yourself or your family member on a well-balanced diet, it’s likely time for a change.

5. Has the senior made a few mistakes with medication?

Older adults often take a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medicines daily. Staying on track with each one, as well as ordering them in a timely manner, can be a challenge. Medication mistakes frequently land seniors in a hospital emergency room. Assisted living communities have medication management programs that reduce the risk of errors.

Tour a Five Star Senior Living Community Near You

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